By Bettina Siochi | 03.01.21

Congratulations! You’ve put in all the work, finished all of the modules, passed the real estate license exam, and now have your real estate license. 

So, what happens next? 

Being a new member of the real estate industry can be a bit overwhelming. 

With hundreds of thousands of real estate agents paving their way in this highly-competitive industry, where do you even begin?

What you do after you get a real estate license is crucial. That’s because it sets the trajectory of your career in the industry. 

It is essential that you are able to establish a solid foundation for your real estate career. With that said, here’s the four basic necessities after getting their real estate license.

Business Cards

We’ve heard it all before “first impressions matter.” 

In the real estate industry, your business cards are your first impression to your clients. It’s the first representation of yourself.

What to Put on Your Business Cards 

You can include all of the information that you would want but ensure that your name is included in your business card as well as your email address, direct line, cell phone number, and real estate website or portal. 

On top of these basic details, don’t forget to include your DRE license number

The state of California mandates that all real estate agents must include their DRE license number in their business cards. 

This is important because your business card must reflect accurate information. 

The Quality of Your Business Cards

Don’t be cheap on your business cards, too! Think about spending the few extra dollars for upgraded stock.

Again, your business cards are a representation of yourself. Investing a few extra dollars for a nicer, thicker, and more professional-looking business card will increase your associated value. 

You can never overlook the power and value of a great business card.

The Mindset for Your Business Cards

Remember, the purpose of having business cards is for you to hand them out. 

Don’t hold onto your business cards – pass them out to the public! 

Whether you are giving them to your family members, strangers, or even that person in your bowling league, the goal is to distribute them. 

Join the MLS

The second thing you should do after you get your real estate license is join the Multiple Listing Service (MLS.) 

The minute you sign with a brokerage, you should join the MLS.

The MLS is Your Tool

In every field and industry, a professional must have their tools. 

Now, imagine a painter without their brushes, a musician without their instruments, or a doctor without their medical equipment, that is how a real estate agent is without access to the MLS. 

The MLS is your tool for your work and is essential to a successful career.

How to Use the MLS

Aside from providing real estate agents with access to information on thousands of listings, there are a number of advantages real estate agents can gain with joining the MLS. 

The MLS can be utilized in multiple ways. The MLS finds inventory for buyers or is utilized as a platform for their sellers to promote their properties. 

Not only will you be using it daily, but probably even hourly. 
If you do not have access to the MLS, your real estate career is more or less over. That’s the power behind the MLS.


Create a Website

Once you have access to the MLS, the next step is a real estate website. 

Building a website is another great tool that every real estate agent must have in their arsenal. A website is an agent’s way of putting yourself out in the public.

Should I Make My Own Website or Hire a Designer?

They’re crucial because they serve as the home of your business. Everyone you encounter in your profession will be driven to this home. 

As with every ideal home, your website should be aesthetically pleasing! Make your real estate website as user-friendly as possible while still creating value for your visitors. 

Connect with a website designer who can help you make your real estate website as powerful as possible. A designer can help you create a custom website that is tailored to every feature and need that you have. Also, a designer also knows how to best optimize your website for lead generation.

What Do I Put On My Website?

A powerful website is not entirely dependent on the design but the structure and content. Ask yourself “what is my website’s purpose” and “what do I want to provide to my audience?” 

Decide on the purpose of the real estate website. Will you offer the public access to the MLS? Will you offer them lending options? Contact information to great lenders? 

Ultimately, a great website must inform the world of your business and your presence. 

Dress Like a Professional

Now, this might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at some people’s attire.

 Take some time to address your wardrobe. You want to have a well-curated professional dress attire. 

Why Dressing Professionally Matters

Dressing professionally is crucial because doing so helps you to be taken seriously not only by your peers but by your potential clients as well.

Remember, first impressions matter.

A professional dress attire creates a positive first impression as well as conveys to your audience that you are a complete professional. 

It proves that you pay attention to every single detail and a well-rounded professional from your thoughts to your education, real estate vocabulary, contract knowledge, and appearance. 

Also, a well put together professional dress attire also affects your energy. If you look good, you will also feel good and if you dress the part, you also act the part. 

It may be little things, but once you start dressing up professionally, you will start to notice that your smile will seem to get a little bigger and your handshakes will be a little bit firmer.

Overall, people will begin to respect you a little bit more and respect is crucial in the real estate industry. Respect is the foundation of every career and is important when you launch a real estate career. 

It’s all about professionalism. 

Professionalism Curtails Competition

The real estate industry is cut throat. Competition is rampant. 

People don’t tend to place their trust in real estate agents that are new in the field. Your appearance – your attire – will help you cut through the competition. 

Dressing professionally shows others that you take your job seriously. It shows that you are willing to work for them rather than yourself.

It offers a level of reassurance. The client believes they are working with a mature, professional. That’s because they will be!

Anyone in the real estate industry can attest to the fact that one of the best foundations for a successful real estate career is respect. 

Once you get people to respect you, not only will more and more people begin to engage in business with you, but they will also begin to feel comfortable with referring you to their peers. 

And the name of the game in real estate is referrals.

Final Thoughts on What to Do After You Get a Real Estate License

A real estate license doesn’t guarantee business.

Every new real estate agent can take additional steps that aren’t listed here. But, every successful agent has gone through all of these four basic steps when launching their career. 

Remember that in order to secure the longevity of your career in the real estate industry, it all starts off with the first few steps that you take after getting your real estate license.

You worked hard to get your real estate license, and now, you must continue investing in yourself. 

These four basic steps are great investments that you can take and will best prepare you to launch a real estate career on a solid foundation.

What’s your next step after signing with a brokerage?

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