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CA Realty Training is a real estate school based in California, dedicated to preparing students for the state exam, as well as the ‘real world’ of real estate. Robert Rico, Carolee Rico, and Chase Milner explain how their company began, what their goals are for the company, and highlight their passion in helping students succeed in the real estate industry.

You can read the transcript of their discussion below:


Hello, my name is Robert Rico, I’m the Chief Executive Director. 

Carolee: Hi, I’m Carolee Rico and I’m the Chief Operating Officer.

Chase: Hi, I’m Chase Milner and I’m the Chief Executive Officer.

All: And we are the owners of California Realty Training.

Robert: Thank you for coming to this week’s video blog here at California Realty Training we are very happy you’re here with us. We want to share some great information with you, particularly today, we want to show you our history, how we started, how we came up with this small, little concept and developed it into something special just for you.

Let’s get started with the history of this company, how it got started. Carolee, would you care to start off and let us know how this all came about?.

Carolee: Well, this came about when you [Robert] were looking to … back out on real estate a little bit, got a little tired, maybe burnt down…

Robert: Well let me share that part, that part is true. What happened was, I had it up to here with real estate, in a nut shell I had back surgery and I got very, very depressed and I was just gonna quit real estate all together and then Carolee came up to me and told me …

Carolee: That maybe we can have you start training real estate because you have this passion for education, working with students, working with people, helping people and it was the combination of still working with real estate, your knowledge, sharing that with any students. And from there we took off with seven students, then Chase Milner came in the picture and spread it from one unit into what are we at guys? I don’t know …

Chase: About 28 locations.

Robert: Yeah, this is a really cool story. So when we first started … if I can back track, when we first started I didn’t think this was gonna happen at all. She came up with this idea of putting it back into the classroom. I think that was a trick. I think she tricked me and she said I can get you back in front of some students and that was my passion. My passion is to make people better, if that’s possible. So with that concept in mind she did put me up in front of a group of seven people. Our first step is students and again, like she said, it grew into something special. Once Chase Milner came along and brought his incredible attributes to the company it kind of just took off with the special education that we created. Care to share?

Chase: Yeah, so it was obviously starting they had a program going then we talked about really developing it, turning it into something that nothing else was out there, currently providing the same type of education. So especially, when it came to the way that the students were learning, it was really online focused, you’d go through [the material online], pass your state exam, most people were searching answers [on the internet] but they really weren’t learning anything during that six month process.

Robert: Right.

ChaseSo what I said … [what would be] a five, six month process … why don’t we have a professional real estate agent like Robert do the training and really teach people what they need to know to be successful in the industry? So really give your personal experiences. And that Robert is incredible at sharing his experiences with his students. So that kind of became a special blend of what California Realty Training is now. We provide the online education as well, but our real focus is helping students learn what they need to know to be successful in the industry.

Robert: And that’s what makes it so special – it’s not just textbook material. Your typical conventional education is textbook material, you have somebody up there in the podium and what not in front of the class room teaching out of a textbook. Our concept is of course the textbook along with actual experience from real estate agents, from realtors who are in front of you …

Carolee: Real life, real life real estate.

RobertYeah real life agents, what are the real life agents doing?

Carolee: Well, they’re sharing their true experiences. Helping the students understand not just the material in the textbook but what’s really happening in real estate, what’s really happening outside an office. What happens when you meet a buyer…

Robert: You guys think that’s influential? You think that’s important to do that?

Carolee: Oh definitely. Our program is more of a hybrid program that nobody else was doing.

Chase: Yeah.

Carolee: Even when we were checking in, trying to …

Chase: I’d say nobody else is still doing.

Carolee: Yeah, exactly and that’s the best thing for us.

Robert: Yeah.

Chase: Yeah.

Carolee: We share our experience, our knowledge, we share our good experiences, bad experiences but the students- when they get out there, they know that even if they fail the first time it’s okay ’cause you still got to get back up and get out there and keep trying.

Robert: Yeah.

Chase: Real estate is a numbers game. So like Carolee said it’s door knocking, it’s phone calling, it’s gonna be rejection. It’s been, watch you close your first deal like Robert shares often with us, it’s a very special experience and that’s something we want to impart to our students. And it happens through the quality education that we’ve created. The program is just outstanding. We developed our own online training system where students can go right on to the system — they have access to PowerPoints, to quizzes, to everything. There are eBooks, their exams are right online. We built out this whole platform to make it really simple for the student to go through and to get quality education and to get through the program quickly so they can get their license. But more importantly, they’re really being prepared to hit the ground running once they’re licensed.

Robert: Right. The minute they get that licensee they know exactly what to do. And that’s what this company provides to all of our students. It’s a two fold, it’s the educational part, which is the textbook and then there’s the in class training, which is amazing. I mean I don’t think anybody else out there is doing it right? I’m not sure.

Chase: They are but it’s focused again, it’s focused much more around the material.

Carolee: The material.

Chase: It’s, you go into a college or you go into a high school or whatever, and you are just reading from a book and it’s very standardized. The way that we focus our training is much more around what’s going on currently in the market.

Carolee: Concepts. How can we understand the concepts of what it is that you’re reading. It breaks it down.

Chase: Exactly. And how those concepts apply to their daily life as a real estate agent.

Carolee: Exactly.

Chase: So that’s really the major difference to the program and how it benefits our students and why, when they graduated we’ve seen so many of them be successful so quickly.

Robert: Oh yeah. Well, thanks for coming to this weeks video blog here at California Realty Training. If you wanna know anything else about our company do us a favor and do yourself a favor and leave us a comment down below or a question. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, you get a lot of information aside from this. Thanks for coming, hope to see you guys next week.

To learn more about the owners of CA Realty Training, you can visit our admin page, or give us a call (888-317-8740). Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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