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Welcome to the weekly CA Realty Training blog! This week we bring you a topic that Head Trainer, Robert Rico, is really passionate about — motivation. In truth Rico is really passionate about what motivation leads to, which is ACTION!

The word “motivation” comes from the Latin word movere, which means “to move” or to make something happen. In real estate, because you are your own boss, it’s key to stay in motion so that you are successful in real estate. One thing that you have to discover, even before you get into the real estate career, is what gets you to move.

“What gets you to move?” Rico has asked thousands of students this same question, and usually the answer is simply, “money”. But that’s not truly what gets most people to move — money is usually a vehicle for something else. Because the second question after that is almost always, once you have the money, what would you do with it?

For some people, that answer might be “travel the world”, and for some people that might be “have a beautiful house”… and for the ambitious ones, maybe even both! Once you dig deep down, that’s where the true motivation comes from. For a lot of people, they would give it to their kids or put it towards their children’s education. That way, their children can get a good job and be happy — so their motivation is actually their children’s happiness.


No matter how much motivation gets you going, though, it’s important to remember that it’s only the first step. In Rico’s eyes, it can actually be a little overrated — because everyone can pick a factor that motivates them. The second step is action — and this is often where people get distracted. Very few people throughout the country actually act on their motivation, for reasons due to being scared, lacking direction, or simply wanting to work for someone else because of the security it provides.

Motivation + Action … we are at Success already, right? Not quite yet! To get that final component, you have to add in some Discipline — in Rico’s words, the “highway to success”. Actions, repeated many times, lead to Discipline, which is the third component of this cocktail. Whether it’s cold calling during certain “time blocked” hours, or studying your real estate material strictly, there are a lot of things you can do to boost your discipline. See our blog: Why Is Time So Important In Real Estate?

In sum, in real estate or any other career, you have to find what motivates you and what will lead you to continued success. Whether it’s money, family, vacations, living in a preferred area… whatever motivates you will be the best reward to get you moving in a new career. Think also of the end game of your motivation – it’s important to enjoy what you are doing.

So, how do you do get to success, you ask? It’s very important to have a passion for both the final product (the motivation, beyond the money) as well as the activity that will get you there. If you love houses and people, being a real estate agent is a great combination career of the two. If you are passionate about getting a deal done and solving problems, get into real estate – there is always a new problem to solve!

If you have correctly identified your motivation, there should be a reserve of energy and discipline, deep down, that will keep you going toward your eventual goal. Remember to keep repeating your positive actions, which will drive you toward your motivating factor. Repetition creates discipline, and Motivation + Discipline + Passion = Success!

See you next week!



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