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Welcome back to CA Realty Training’s weekly blog! This week we’re covering a touchy subject – sexual harassment in real estate, and what to know in general about real estate agent safety.

Though some people prefer to shy away from the topic, the reality is that it happens, and we wanted to address it for all of our curious subscribers! Where is that line in the sand that you shouldn’t cross? What types of situations make a client uncomfortable?

First, keep in mind that you are a professional as a real estate agent, so you should reflect that with your conduct. Yes, it’s important to be personable, but keep that line in mind and don’t cross it! It would be better to seem “overly professional” — which isn’t really a criticism — than to seem overly casual, and overly personable.

Friendly Real Estate Agent

When people hire you as their agent, they are often heavily swayed by your first impression. Do they see you in a suit, business casual clothing, or are you unkempt? How do you carry yourself, and how do you introduce yourself? All these things are very important factors in making a positive first impression.

Second in their decision is usually evaluating the professionalism of your mind, your conduct, and the presentation of the facts you have. Do you speak professionally and keep slang to a minimum? Do you have an explanation for your recommendations? Keep in mind, these are not your buddies from the bar or from bowling club; this is not your sibling — professionalism is key in these situations so that you can impress the clients and earn the listing.

Speaking Real Estate Agent

Thirdly, use your actions to make a client reassured you’ll be professional. Don’t make any inappropriate comments, don’t suggest anything unethical, and make sure you keep your interactions above-board at all times. People respect honesty and integrity — key factors in someone’s decision to do business with you.

Also, it’s important not to be overly physical with clients — it could easily give off the wrong impression if you are not already friends. A hug can be good, but can also be too much depending on the situation. Be cautious, and see how your clients express happiness, and then match their personality.

Don’t mix business with pleasure – keep your relationship professional. Sure, you might be attracted to some clients more than others, but that’s no excuse for making anyone uncomfortable. Be reasonable!

Today’s world is one of political correctness and minding what you say, and especially so in work situations. Don’t let a small slip-up create a negative impression, because impressions are lasting and could lose you business!

Just as a reminder, these are not your friends from a bar, these are not your family, these are potential clients that you want to impress! Keep everything professional and be tactful, and make sure you don’t give off the wrong impression which could send clients packing.


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