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We’re not going to lie- it can take some time to sell your first property and it can take some time to make a lot of money. But time is money! If you work very hard, stay consistent, stay dedicated, stay organized, and market yourself properly, there is no doubt that you will become extremely productive and successful with your new real estate career. Can these fundamental qualities be challenging for you? Is your sphere of influence not as big as you would like it to be? Business expenses too high? If so, then joining a team can do wonders- especially when you are just starting out as a real estate agent.

Here are 7 benefits to joining a real estate team:

  1. Fantastic way to jumpstart your career
  2. Working with a team means less risk for you! It is very typical that you will get leads handed to you by your team leader. The team leader is customarily a seasoned agent that has created a large database of clients and usually too busy to provide their real estate services to all of these leads- that’s where you come in! It is very common and expected for you to provide the leader with a portion of your commission upon closing a transaction, however without the lead and opportunity from the leader, a portion of the commission is better than no commission at all! The security of having leads available to you means more income and experience for you.

  3. Training (and support)
  4. While CA Realty Training provides an excellent foundation for new real estate agents with your real estate career, the education is only half of the required factor for a successful real estate career, all new agents will require and benefit from proper training and support from experienced agents, and their help is invaluable to your learning process. Joining a team helps you spend time around these veteran agents and benefit from their experience. Plus, you have someone there to answer your questions and advise you in difficult situations.

  5. Someone’s there to cover you when you need to take time off
  6. Part of the beauty of being a real estate agent is the ability to make your own schedule, the flexibility is a great perk, however some agents can take that to mean they should work 24/7! In fact, for a healthy work/life balance, a team can be a wonderful backup for those times when you need to spend time with your family, see the doctor, or just relax with a book and a cup of tea.
    Another benefit of a team is that there is someone at the office to answer the phone when you are out with clients, or someone to sit an open house on a day when you are busy securing a new listing. As we have said, listings are the lifeblood of all agents, so you should always strive to focus on new listings and close existing ones. If you are busy with new clients, a teammate can stay in touch with current clients to ensure that the listings are moving towards closings.

  7. Shared business expenses
  8. Becoming a Real Estate Agent is an investment. There are broker fees, license fees, office space fees, other fees, and yet more fees. “You gotta do what you gotta do”, as the saying goes. However, joining a team will provide you with the opportunity to share office space, share MLS fees, and share other business expenses. Joining a team can be very cost effective!

  9. Ideas and efforts are shared
  10. As the famous proverb goes, “Two heads are better than one.” This saying has a lot of truth to it. People bouncing ideas and leads off of each other is inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. By joining a team, you have a step up to becoming a better agent by having the option of using your teammates as a sounding board. In addition, the right team will allow you to focus on your strengths, on the things you like, and spend less time on the things that are not a priority.

  11. Keeps you on track
  12. If your team is working hard and staying productive, then this should influence you to work hard and stay productive. Joining a team keeps you focused because your team now depends on you and all of the assets that you will bring to the team. You work hard with people, together, to create something bigger, to become more productive for the financial benefit of everyone involved. Although you are one of many, you are an essential team player! This notion helps you stay on track and assists you to be more productive.

  13. Creates a larger sphere of influence
  14. By joining a team, your sphere of influence will expand. You will have the opportunity to network greatly and meet more clients since leads are being handed to you. Your sphere of influence now overlaps with all your teammates’ sphere of influence to greatly increase the number of potential clients you can contact. As a reminder, leads become listings, listings become closings, and closings become commissions!


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