Real Estate Agent and Trainer, Robert Rico, interviews CA Realty Training graduate, Veronica Alvarez, who recently completed her first two transactions. Do you want to see more video blogs? Subscribe here!


Robert: Why did you decide to start a Real Estate Career?

As a mother, Veronica wanted that freedom to be able to work from home. She also gravitated towards the great financial aspect tied into being a Real Estate Agent.

Robert: Where did you get started with your career?

Veronica’s career began at CA Realty Training. She went to in-class training sessions at the Westwood location. She goes on to say that this decision was the best decision she has made for herself. She explains that the support, the courses, and the schedule that CA Realty Training provided all worked out very well for her.

Robert: How did you feel when you first got you license?

Veronica explains how she felt an abundance of emotions- from excitement to doubtfulness. Now that she got her license, she quickly wondered what her next step was and knew she had to get to business!

Robert: Why did you doubt yourself?

The reason for doubtfulness was due to the fact that she did not truly believe that she could do it. However, the support from CA Realty Training has helped her get perspective and gave her the confidence to get out there and begin her career. Her new-made connections and co-workers provided her support and influenced her to get started.

Robert:Who did you first approach for you first clients?

The first people that Veronica approached before getting any clients were her sphere of influence. She goes on to say that her last client was actually from her part-time job at the retail store she worked at prior to getting her Real Estate Agent Salesperson License. Alvarez tells Robert that she told people in her sphere of influence that she had her license, and two months later she got clients!

Robert: Do you have any advice that you can give to people who want to get started in this career?

Veronica advises people that want to get started in this career that they should strive to get past insecurities and doubts (because fear is what ultimately limits people from becoming successful). Alvarez also advises people to pick the right brokerage for them- which will encourage them to stay focused and determined.

Robert: Do you regret any decisions that you have made on your path, and where do you see yourself this time next year?

Veronica has zero regrets with her decision and career change. She is happy with all of her decisions and with the path she chose for herself. Next time this year, she hopes to have more listings and sales, and will work hard to ensure her goals are achieved.