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Welcome back to this week’s installment of the CA Realty Training blog. A question that our team gets a lot on the phone is, “is it necessary to go to college to become a real estate agent?”

Good news, the answer is — NO!!! It is not necessary to have a college degree (or technically even a high school diploma) to practice real estate.

Of course, if you do have a college degree, it can help you, but it’s not required to be a good real estate agent. College is very helpful in a difficult escrow, and definitely good for financial knowledge, but not all degrees are even necessarily applicable to real estate. For example, if you have a finance degree, it will be easy to understand a Finance prerequisite course, or to understand the details behind a confusing mortgage. However, if you have a science degree, there might not be much overlap with real estate.

What do you really need to succeed in real estate? Passion, energy, and the drive to make a deal happen. Also, there is an unofficial prerequisite – you must be willing to be educated in real estate. After all, there are classes to take before you can take your license exam, and every year there are continuing education classes to take. Real estate is all about education and effort!

However, don’t discount the importance of college or feel that you have wasted four years of your life. College teaches students a lot of important people skills — and people skills are super helpful in real estate. It also helps you analyze problems critically, which can be extremely useful during a difficult deal. There are even real estate programs at some college, which would of course be useful as an agent. A 4-year real estate degree will actually enable you to become a broker directly after you’re licensed as a salesperson, instead of waiting the 2 year period usually required.

People skills

Another great way to learn people skills is previous work experience at a huge company — that’s social, in a different way. For example, getting to know people across different departments or especially in different offices, is a great way to learn people skills that will help you in real estate. If you currently work at a big company, see how many people you know and try to expand the circle. It should be good practice for when you become an agent! This will also expand your Sphere of Influence!

So, what is the common denominator between all real estate agents?

  • They have all passed the real estate state exam
  • They are all 18 years old or older
  • They want to make great deals and get rewarded high commission

The takeaway from this read is that a college degree can help, but is not necessary. What is necessary, however, is to have PEOPLE-SKILLS, PASSION and DRIVE – the true key characteristics to success in real estate.

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