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That’s what CA Realty Training is about. We want to empower students to earn their dream careers and to create the life they’ve always wanted.

We do this by providing unbeatable real estate training so you can unlock a real estate license and use it to build career lets you live your ideal lifestyle.

With a career in real estate, you can:

  • Earn financial freedom: you choose how much you earn by choosing how much you work.
  • Be your own boss: you don’t have to answer to anyone, because you’re in charge of your own performance.
  • Choose when you travel: you can work as much as you want. So, if you want to travel or go on vacation, you have that option.

A career in real estate gives you these 3 cornerstone perks. That means you have the opportunity to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to work the standard 9 to 5 grind.

Because a real estate career will let you choose when, how much, and how hard you work.

YOU are in control.

And with limitless earning potential, a real estate career gives you everything you’ve always wanted out of a job.

The current average California real estate agent salary is $92,564.

That means half of California’s real estate agents earn more than that.

If you’re ready for limitless earning potential, workplace independence, and becoming your boss, then CA Realty Training is here to get you started.

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