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Speaking with a potential client for the first time is a lot like that first phone interview. This is your one shot to make a good and lasting impression. This thought could make many agents nervous, especially if these agents are at the start of their career, but it doesn’t need to be challenging if you are prepared.

Remember, the more real estate activities you engage yourself with, the more comfortable you will be with your clients.

When you talk to your clients, make sure to listen to their needs. Ask questions to establish specific details and try to avoid yes/no questions to encourage them to express their opinions and preferences.

Real Estate is a people business, and the way you communicate has a big impact on your success.


If you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you as well. Having said that, when you are confident and excited about helping your client and when you strive to give them the best service possible, your client will notice this and then will trust you. To put it simply, your positive energy will be contagious and could generate trust between you and your client.

Clients do not have as much knowledge as you about this industry. You will need to be able to explain paperwork and other details to your client in the buyer/selling process. Be patient. Be cool.

Being professional doesn’t mean to just dress professional. Customer service, adequate knowledge, and doing your job right are all fundamental for attaining professionalism. Your vocabulary, as well as your facial and body expressions, will need to be professional too.

Stand straight, make eye contact, and try to relax. Drop your shoulders and remember to breathe. If you’re not sure what to do with your hands, maybe carry a clipboard or some brochures with you.


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