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One of the most daunting things about a career in real estate is the sales aspect – many people fear that they wouldn’t be able to handle the rejection. However, rejection is actually a good thing because it ultimately is what steers you in the right direction. Rejection is already part of daily life, and if you don’t experience rejection, chances are that you aren’t putting yourself out there enough!

Real estate is one of those careers that you have to really own and put 100% of your efforts – if you are not giving it your all, you are most likely leaving money and deals on the table. For example, when you meet new people, tell them that you are into real estate!

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Part of putting yourself out there is being sure that if you fail, you will learn lessons and not beat yourself up over it. Failure is more about the lessons you learn, than the act of failing itself. The worst thing people can say is “no” – and then you’re right back where you started! But if you want to move ahead, you usually have to ask for it, people are not just going to give you everything you want on a silver platter.

Again, it’s key to remember that most rejection will not set you back, but will just keep you where you are currently. For example, not getting a promotion means you’re still doing the same job. Not getting the listing agreement doesn’t mean you never will. In fact, most agents take 3-9 months to close their first deal… and that’s OKAY! Some of the most successful, biggest names in real estate took years to establish their career and get off the ground.

In fact, that’s something that most super-successful people have in common – it’s not their first business or venture! They have tried and failed, often more than once, before finding their sweet spot and success path. Failure truly can be an opportunity if you frame it in the right way.

Real Agent Networking

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so being rejected many times will make you better at failing and better at learning lessons from your missed opportunities. Seek out opportunities to ask for a deal or put yourself out there – if you get rejected, pick yourself up and try again. If not, even better – you just got a discount or a client!

Always remember that rejection is not the end of the world – it’s often the beginning of something completely new and awesome. Have faith in yourself, keep trying, and don’t let rejection get you down. As stated previously, rejection is actually a good thing because it ultimately is what steers you in the right direction.

Let’s hear from you in the comments below – what was your biggest failure? Success story? Share it for our readers!


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