Real Estate Agent and Trainer, Robert Rico, discusses how to deal with clients who are a bit more challenging to deal with than the average person. Do you want to see more video blogs? Subscribe here!


One of the wonderful things about working as a real estate agent is working with people. You help them make the biggest purchase of their lives and help them find a place that they can call home. It’s an incredibly emotional and rewarding experience. It can also be very stressful. This stress is what sometimes instigates clients to be somewhat difficult, or challenging, to work with.

So what do you do when you have to work with a difficult client? It should go without saying that we always want to remain professional and compassionate no matter how difficult a client becomes. Beyond that, what are some other ways we can deal with difficult clients?
Listen. It sounds simple, but it’s one of the most powerful and effective things you can do for you client. Sometimes a client just wants to tell you how they feel. Listening to their needs and wants can help you identify the problem and find the solution. It’s your job to remain calm, cool and collected during this stressful time, and listening to your client’s needs is one of the best ways to help you do that.
Educate. You want to educate the client, not just on the values of homes, but also on how your relationship with them will work. Inform them of the process and of the various people that will be involved (like appraisers and inspectors). It’s your job to keep your client informed and the lines of communication open at all times.
Find a solution. They hired you, so whatever problems may arise you must solve them. Be creative. Negotiate. Listen. Educate. Do whatever you need to do to find the solution to your client’s problem so you can close that deal!
Hopefully this will give you some tools to deal with difficult clients and help make your real estate transaction a pleasant experience.


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