By Daniela McVicker | Dec. 4th, 2019

One of the first things people do every morning while drinking their coffee is to check their emails. Companies send emails to their newsletter subscribers for all sorts of reasons. From advertising new products to offering exclusive deals or simply sharing personalized content, email marketing helps businesses create a closer relationship with their customers. 

When it comes to the real estate field, keeping in contact with both buyers and sellers is one of the top priorities for agents and email marketing can help them achieve that with minimum resources. A survey reveals that most real estate businesses have already picked up on that, with 63% of surveyed agents already engaging in email marketing and 22% of them planning to do so in the near future. The other 15% who don’t plan on running an email campaign have not yet picked up on the tremendous benefits it can have on their business. So, here’s why a real estate email marketing strategy will transform your business. 

Develop a Relationship with Your Clients

For clients to start trusting a business, they need to feel like they matter. Nobody likes to feel they are just part of a long list of numbers that are just added up at the end of the year.

Real estate email marketing can help you achieve just that, by targeting potential clients and sending them customized content that appeals to their needs. 

Not all people are interested in the same things. Some of your clients may look for a great family house, while others want a studio apartment that is budget-friendly, so if you just send the same content to everyone, you may not get the results you’re expecting. 

If you tailor the content to appeal to the clients’ needs, you will get a much higher chance to develop a closer relationship with them. You can customize the content based on age, status, type of property they are interested in or even location.

You can also include a direct link to your website, or a contact button. Clients can send a request to be contacted and you can get back to them.

Make sure that all your content is well written and edited before pressing the send button. You can use platforms such as TopWritersReview to find the editing or writing services that best suit your style and will appeal the most to your clients.

Gain Better Customer Insight

To see if a marketing campaign is successful, you need access to a variety of data and reports. After you’ve run a real estate email marketing campaign, you can check to see how many people were actually interested in the campaign.

You get access to information such as how many of the clients read the email, how many of them actually clicked on the featured links and how many went on to make a purchase or request to be contacted for more information. 

Such insight is extremely valuable for future campaigns. If, for example, only 30% of the audience actually opened the email, maybe you need to work on the subject line, to make it sound more engaging.

On the other hand, if they were not interested in making a purchase, it may be because the audience was not properly targeted and the content may not interest them.

If you pay attention to the way clients engage with your emails, you will be able to better your future campaigns.

You can also encourage clients to send their feedback, by including a link to a section of your website, where they can briefly complete a survey. 

Increased ROI

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales. Given the fact that real estate email marketing is highly inexpensive, the return on investment will be much higher than for any other marketing strategy out there. 

To put it simply, all you need to run an email campaign is a list of email addresses, you can get from your customers.

By simply requesting their email address when you get their contact information, you ensure that you can get your newsletter in their inbox at any time.

This way, you can keep them up to date with new additions, exclusive deals, or luxury properties that are not yet on the market.

When it comes to email campaigns, really, the sky is the limit.

For example, you can implement a campaign where clients who agree to receive your newsletters will be the first to know about new properties that may interest them. This way, they will feel like they get something in return for subscribing to your newsletter.


A traditional marketing campaign can get pretty expensive. The costs for designing and printing billboards, flyers or brochures can be quite high, not to mention what you have to go through to mail these brochures to your clients. 

Some realtors also choose to go old school and mail their own magazine-like brochures to customers. While this was an interesting idea a few decades ago, it kind of lost its purpose today.

The content found in these magazines can easily be featured online, in a blog section on your website. Then, you can go ahead and send customers emails regarding new content and invite them to check it out on your website.

Not only is it cost-effective, but it will also increase the number of visitors to your website.

Time Efficiency

Emails can reach recipients in a matter of seconds, which means the information will get to your audience much faster than using any other method.

In the time spent mailing promotional materials to your clients, you can compose, send and track the results of an entire real estate email marketing campaign. 

Mail does get lost, whereas emails are much harder to get misplaced and not reach their recipients, not to mention it is much faster to read.

People check their emails multiple times a day, so you have a much higher chance for someone to receive and read the email on the same day.

Final Thoughts

If done correctly, real estate email marketing can be much more effective than other traditional marketing strategies.

Email marketing can help you cut down on costs and time spent reaching your clients, as well as provide a much higher ROI and give you insight into the way clients react to the content they receive.

Even more, email marketing can help you develop a stronger relationship with your clients, by providing them with customized content that appeals to their needs. 

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