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Instagram is a cool social media outlet – in more ways than one. First of all, you get to see what other people who share the same interests as you are up to with their life, with their career, with their whereabouts. Second, you can follow people you can relate to – people that channel their frustrations and truths through humor. And third, you can get inspired and find ways to grow yourself! Branding is very important in the real estate industry and it’s important to know how to make yourself stand out in this way.

We composed our TOP LIST of 5 Real Estate accounts to follow on Instagram:

  1. House Addictive @houseaddictives
  2. House Addictive Instagram

    Follow this account if you want to feel inspired by nice houses. This account really elucidates the love we have for real estate.

  3. All Things Real Estate @allthingsrealestate
  4. All Things Real Estate Instagram

    This account is self explanatory. All things real estate! We believe in merchandise and that’s why we love this account.

  5. Davi Davenport @davidavenport
  6. Davi Davenport Instagram

    Davi Davenport is not only a Real Estate Trainer here at CA Realty Training, and she’s not just any ordinary Real Estate Agent. She is a television host superstar, a mom, and a business woman! Her instagram is full of her real estate agent life, her family life, her teaching life, her television life, and some great day-to-day wisdom. Get inspired from Davi!

  7. The Broke Agent @thebrokeagent
  8. The Broke Agent Instagram

    This account is hilarious and makes you feel less alone in the frustrations of the real estate industry. Enough said.

  9. CA Realty Training @carealtytraining
  10. CA Realty Training Instagram

    CA Realty Training is the best Real Estate School in California. Every week, they provide real estate facts, must-know real estate terminology (which will be on the State Exam!), and real estate education in general. This account is catered to the Real Estate STUDENT but also catered to anyone who just wants to learn. We highly recommend!

If you have any questions or feel like you know a great Real Estate account that should be on this list, please let us know!


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