By Karen D. Friedman | Mar. 30, 2020 3:00 PM

Real estate lead generating websites are powerful resources to attracting more potential clients to your services. It’s all about the leads. Being successful in real estate will come down to how many leads you can get and convert into sales. A lot of people ask, “What’s the best way to get leads?” 

There are many ways to get leads.  You can network, speak to your sphere of influence, and, of course, you can buy them. One way to buy leads is through a lead generating website.

So, what are some of the top real estate lead generating websites and how do they work?  Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and Bold Leads are some of the most popular systems to buy leads from and each offers its own model for Lead Generation. Let’s dive in and explore how each works.

Zillow and Trulia 

Although both are owned by Zillow and have separate websites, each has similar pricing and profile models. The way Zillow and Trulia work is by making yourself into a Premier Agent and buying leads. You pay monthly for your information to appear on their websites or “impressions” when people are searching for listings.  Pricing can range anywhere from $.02 – $.30 cents depending on the zip code and the number of impressions you decide to purchase, unlike Redfin.

Zillow and Trulia are popular websites that attract home buyers and sellers. So don’t worry about not receiving enough traffic. This is a powerful tool to passively rack in impressions and, potentially, you’ll receive a few leads when you make a listing.


With Redfin’s model, you can either become a partnered Agent or an Agent under Redfin’s brokerage. People search Redfin’s sites and are able to choose the Agent they want to work with, so a good profile and great reviews are extremely important.

Unlike Zillow and Trulia, you pay Redfin a referral fee of about 30% upon closing a transaction and not upfront. Typically, referral fees are in the 25% range but can vary.  Redfin usually gives Agents 6-8 leads a month, which can offset the above typical referral amount given to Redfin.


Bold Leads is a different type of lead generating system. First, multiple landing pages are created with your information with the help of some helpful templates.  BoldLeads then creates ads that drive buyer and seller leads to you along with a system to help with follow up. Monthly prices can range from $299 – $899 per month.

The Best Time for Real Estate Lead Generating Websites 

So, there you have it. Whether you pay to be a Premier Agent on Zillow/Trulia, a partnered Agent with Redfin or having leads directed to your customized landing page with BoldLeads, there are plenty of Lead Generating websites to explore and see what works best for building your business.

Real estate lead generating websites can be used at any time in an agent’s career. Starting early helps real estate agents build momentum overtime while using these websites, so new real estate agents should take advantage of them. Using real estate lead generating websites along with other prospecting strategies will help build your clientele base, which is integral to creating long lasting business for yourself.

Prospecting and spending time generating leads is the best thing you can do to grow your business. It’s also the hardest thing you must do. Your ability to convert leads to sales determines the success in your career so using tools, such as real estate lead generating websites, are additional methods to ensure your success.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation is the real estate agent’s lifeline. Using as many lead generating websites and tools as you can will ultimately make you more efficient and productive. Door knocking and cold calling can only yield so many leads. Having lead generating websites will help you passively attract people to your services. Using these additional sources are the extra support you need to build a powerful real estate agent career. Don’t skip out on using real estate lead generating websites.

Do you have a favorite real estate lead generating website? Drop it in the comments!

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