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Monday & Wednesday Training Sessions
The next in-class training sessions in Encino begin on:
  • Wednesday, Sept 5th, 20187:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, Oct 1st, 20187:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday, Oct 29th, 20187:00pm-9:00pm
  • Monday & Wednesday: 7:00pm-9:00pm


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  • If you are a licensed realtor– a career event is created to inform you more about the Keller Williams brokerage. At the event you’ll learn about the company’s culture, founding members and technology, created to help you become successful.
  • If you are unlicensed– a career event provides you with a great introduction into the real estate industry. You will learn about the requirements to get your license and you will also hear from professional real estate agents on their experiences in the industry.
  • The career events are designed to be a comfortable place for you to ask questions.


Mahshid Garakani Real Estate Trainer

Mahshid Garakani (Monday & Wednesday)

For almost 2 decades Mahshid’s involvement and growth within the real estate world has allowed her to immensely strengthen her passion for this industry and what it has to hold. As a Californian native, she not only understands the value of real estate, but the value of relationships made between clients and agents within the field as a whole. Her personalization of every individual’s experience has given her the leg up in understanding both sides of the spectrum. Further allowing her to share this knowledge with others in Buyer and Seller Seminars in order for the community to be fully informed of the endless possibilities that realtors can have.

As she was eager enough to get her real estate license at the age of 23, Mahshid has been able to envelop herself in not only the language of real estate but the language of sales. Teaching various script classes, while working for Keller Williams Calabasas for the past two years, she has been able to show the dedication, time, and training that accompanies the buying and selling of properties in this ever changing market. Winning sales awards at Keller Williams as well as in prior offices—along with that of the best award she has ever received, her young son— has pushed her to her fullest potential. Ultimately, giving her the most well rounded experience to train individuals so that they can indulge in this passion of real estate alongside her now at Keller Williams Encino Sherman Oaks.

Mark Alan Bua Real Estate Trainer

Mark Alan Bua

Mark Alan Bua is CEO of The Home Front Group at Keller Williams Realty. He has over 15 years of Real Estate experience and 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising in media. Mark has mentored and coached some of the Top Agents in Real Estate today. In 2010 his team was featured as #1 in “Top Agent Magazine” in the San Fernando Valley. Mark’s commitment in “paying it forward” by teaching, coaching and mentoring has made him one of the most sought after in his organization. Mark’s motto is “the secret to success in this business is to never stop learning.”


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