I signed up to take the Saturday classes in Beverly Hills blindly. I didn’t know much about the course or the instructor. Luckily, everything turned out for the best and I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have been placed in Renee Despins class. Renee has the knowledge, humor, stories, charisma and experience that was needed to keep me interested for 4 hours every Saturday. There was never a Saturday where I dreaded attending her class because she had a way of turning the countless amount of facts that you must learn into interesting, fun, absorbable and meaningful information. Many friends and colleagues asked why I attended the classes and not just read and took the quizzes at home. It’s a fair question, but to succeed on the state exam it’s not enough to just read the required material, you must grasp and understand the concepts. That where Renee comes in. Renee’s classes provided a forum that helped me to conceptualize the readings completed at home. I was able to ask questions, bounce ideas and even learn from my fellow students. She made the puzzle pieces of information fit together. Most of all, she motivated me to stay on task and finish the required readings on time. When all three courses wrapped, I had my certificates and was ready to apply for the state exam. I had such a wonderful and enriching experience with Renee and I am sure if you find yourself in her class you will too.