Renee Despins teaches a really fun class. There are many choices out there to get an education in Real Estate. CA Realty Training offers both an online course with supplemental video lectures by owner Robert Rico and an in class power point presentation with working professionals like Renee throughout Los Angeles. The Beverly Hills location is the only one that offered Saturday classes to fit my work schedule. Attending classes was a very important decision factor in choosing CA Realty Training and much to my surprise Renee presented the material in a fun, informative, supportive and energetic manner. She encourages her students to network with each other and to start letting people know about their new career in real estate right away in order to build momentum and enthusiasm for a business she clearly loves and has been very successful in. I tried another online program two years ago and wasn’t able to get through the first chapter. The CA Realty Training web portal is interactive, easy to navigate and offers a variety of support services. Thank you Renee and thank you Robert!