I checked out quite a few Real Estate training programs in the interest of knowing more about real estate in L.A.. I reviewed a number of websites and reviews from past students. CA Realty Training quickly revealed itself to be the best in my opinion. Their training program offers many flexible options for training: in-classroom, both weekday evening and weekends, or the online option and do everything from home.
I highly encourage you to attend classes. Real Estate is a people business. Learning to create the right personal interaction with others is really a key to success in Real Estate. There is no one that better illustrates the kind of outgoing enthusiasm than Renee Despins, trainer extrodinaire. She’s been in Real Estate for 40 years and has seen it all. She has a great sense of humor and makes learning a lot of fun. There’s no better way to gain seasoned insight into what it takes to be successful in Real Estate than listening to her many stories and practical advice.
One of the other advantages of CA Realty Training is their association with Keller Williams Agency. They are really about continuing education no matter what level of success you’ve achieved.
I highly encourage anyone that is interested in knowing more about real estate to sign up and take Renee Despins’ classes.