After being told for years that I should get into real estate by friends I’d helped find apts in NYC, I moved to LA and finally decided to take some classes – if nothing else I’d learn something new. I found CA Realty Training online and signed up, as the classes were at Keller Williams (well-respected, to say the least) just minutes from my apt.

Rico filled in for the first “audit” class and gave an overview of the instructors, their styles and personalities. Kathryn Shafer sounded right up my alley: down to earth, lots of great experiences to share, and guest speakers to learn from and bring the material to life. And, she taught on Saturday, which was a must with my full-time job.

The material is dry – lots of rote memorization and facts, however, Kathryn’s Saturday classes were invigorating. What a great body of experience she has to call on – and man does she tell a good story! Her real life examples are not only a hoot, but they bring to life the material in ways that make it easy to remember. Kathryn’s guest speakers (at least one per class) are also a nice touch, breaking up the 3-4 hour class, and allowing us all to ask experts to clear up any confusions we might have on the reading/slides. Also, each expert also makes themselves available beyond the class, which is a HUGE advantage.

Beyond class, Kathryn is as generous with her own time as she is with her stories, making herself available to students at any time over coffee or a drink to talk further. I also really like her ethical standards – Kathryn not only relays the ethics the book talks about, but consistently reminds us not to do things we aren’t comfortable, if it feels icky it probably is, and to never risk a friendship or your own morals for a buck.

Kathryn took me from someone who was curious to learn more, to someone who is now excited to start his career in real estate. I feel empowered and supported in that decision, fully knowing Kathryn is always just a phone call or a margarita away.