This is simply a tremendously effective class. I searched around Los Angeles for the best real estate classes I could find and feel so very lucky that I found CA Realty Training and Kathryn Shafer. Kathryn is an accomplished master of real estate and teaches her class in a personable, fun and engaging style. She is a serious teacher of the craft and utilizes not only her vast personal experience but also invites experts in the fields of Escrow, Lending and Insurance to speak about all the different aspects of real estate you will encounter in the field. This class not only prepares you for the state exam but more importantly, it teaches you what the actual business of real estate will entail in real world situations.

Kathryn Shafer is a teacher with one goal, to effectively prepare you to confidently practice real estate successfully and with a professional level of competence. I went into my first class tentatively unsure about this seemingly confusing profession; I graduated Kathryn’s class with the sure knowledge that I not only understand real estate now, but will thrive in it. I simply cannot recommend these classes enough.