I had the great pleasure of having Kathryn Shafer as my teacher for the live class portion of my CA Realty Training package. Kathryn brings an unbeatable combination: a seasoned real estate agent/agency owner, plus incredible passion for her subject and students. Kathryn’s class is all about the practical aspects; how agents spend days, how it all works and what they need to know to excel at their job. She peppers her own spirited lectures with guest speakers like mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, escrow officers, title insurance people, former students now agents, etc. This is most helpful, as they really illuminate the process from prospecting and how to work with buyers and sellers, making offers and accepted offers through close of escrow. Finally Kathryn clearly cares a lot about her students and their future, stressing how to deal with critical aspects of the process that can make or break an agent, at the beginning and end of every class. If you have an opportunity to have Kathryn as your teacher, consider yourself extremely lucky. You will learn the important stuff: what it’s really like to be an agent from a passionate and effective teacher who is an expert on her subject. She even invited her graduating students to attend two future classes with guest speakers she didn’t want us to miss!