I signed up for both the On-line courses, web content and live classes with CA Realty Training. I passed my State exam the first time! The Brentwood classes with Mahogany Rhodes were lively, informative and enjoyable. She has a great style of teaching sprinkled with humor that is effective and memorable. Big props to her for not letting the classes get hi-jacked and side-tracked by “those students” who either don’t read the material or just assume the class is their personal seminar! She keeps it on track and moving. “Higher Concept” she would say….not nit picking apart details that aren’t relevant!

In conjunction with lMahogany’s classes, The Ca Realty Training web content courses and study aids are right on track with what you need to know to pass the State exam. After reading the mandatory books, I found the Online quizzes, test prep tests, flash cards and trial final exam to be very helpful and consistent with the actual content on the State Exam.

I also took a two day crash course as well, which is recommended and thanks to Ca Realty Training and Mahogany Rhodes I got my License!