There’s so many online Real Estate courses but there’s really no comparing to an in person training, to be able to ask someone questions and listen to others ask questions you hadn’t thought of. Classes are in the evening, perfect for those working daytime hours (9 to 5 crowd) and only twice a week.
The person teaching the courses is amazing! He gives the run down of all the mistakes he’s made in his Real Estate career in hopes you won’t commit the same in yours. He explains things thoroughly and doesn’t get frustrated to answer questions and spend a little more time on specific topics. He knows people by name, which tells me he cares for his students and you’re not apart of a revolving door. He’s constantly in contact with them, via text or email, he’s genuinely happy when you do well…frankly, he’s the best person for the job!
He doesn’t paint a pretty picture of Real Estate, as those you see on social media – boasting the glamour of Real Estate without so much of the reality of the hard work that goes with it.
Victor Hugo is an amazing instructor, I highly recommend his classes!