I completed the 3 month program utilizing both in class and online training. Having actual class time was such a great experience because you get to really learn what its like on the day to day happenings of a realtor, and not just any realtor but an amazing one. Ellen is the best! Not only is she an amazing teacher filled with so much knowledge, but you can tell she is an amazing realtor too. I don’t know about you, but I want to learn from the best in a new industry I’m looking to be apart of. She makes herself 100% available to you through out the entire program and genuinely cares about your success. I don’t know how she does it! The woman is a boss!

The entire program is very simple to navigate. The best part of their online training is their study plan after you finish all three months. I feel very confident going into the exam, and that’s huge!
CA Realty Training’s phone and email support is wonderful too! I was always able to speak to someone immediately if I had any questions.
With so many realty training programs out there I really didn’t know which one to pick. When comparing prices and resources this seemed to be the best, and it never disappointed. I’ve recommended this training program to my family so you know its real! 🙂