I just completed my third class at the Inglewood location of CA Realty Training, and part of the first class to graduate at this location. Everything about this experience was informative, productive and fun. Frederick Howard was our instructor, and he never let the class drag; he always kept it interesting and moved at the perfect pace, leaving plenty of time for questions but moving fast enough that the classes weren’t too long. He is a good teacher and a very warm and engaging guy.

The class is given at the Keller Williams office in Inglewood, and the teachers are all Keller agents. Not only do you get the education to pass the exam, but also a lot of practical information and the benefit of their experience. In addition to being excellent instructors, I would recommend the agents at Keller for all of your real estate needs, particularly at this location.

The in-class experience is a bit more expensive, but you get the benefit of interaction and real-world knowledge that you simply wouldn’t get in an online setting. The curriculum is good all-around, but the extra personal touch you get with face-to-face instruction is key to understanding the business itself and launching a career in real estate.

The three electives given are enough to apply for the state exam. The classroom gives a solid foundation, and the books build on the in-class lectures. There is a portal to lots of useful information and tests on your book knowledge as you go. Once you pass everything, you have the three certificates needed to take the California licensing exam, and there is detailed information on the portal on how to apply for the exam. There is also review information and practice exams. I’m going to start the application process today, as well as the review. California Realty Training has given me the confidence to take the exam and has greatly increased the chance to pass it on the first try.

Just like most things in life, the class is only as good as the quality time and effort that you put into it. If you’re serious about getting started in real estate and are willing to put in the time outside of class to supplement the excellent in-class lessons, I guarantee you will be well prepared for both the exam and to start your new life as an agent.