Veronica Jones is AMAZING. I was recommended to CA Realty be a friend who had a different teacher so I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the first class – I was hooked! Veronica’s energy and enthusiasm made every minute of each class exciting.

Oftentimes she would relate stories from her career to the material we were learning, which allowed me to bring the curriculum full circle. But most important to me, you could tell she really cared about us all. She was thorough when teaching from the book and sharing her experiences, but encouraged us to speak up and challenge what we didn’t understand. She even would reach out to students who had missed a class or two, to make sure they were okay. She has such a big heart and so much knowledge under her belt, its no surprise she has been successful for so many years.

Bottom line – I was supposed to move to the Bay Area halfway through my three courses, but changed plans so I could soak up as much knowledge from her as possible. Great teacher, great person.