I just took my state exam and passed it on my first try. I did not do any in class training, I did the online course only, studied my butt off and passed. CA Realty Training gives you all the tools needed to pass the exam. I only recommend the online course by itself if you are disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable for studying really hard. Otherwise, the in class option would be best for you. I passed all my practice final exams with a score of 90-95% each time. I walked into the class confident and passed. The exam isn’t the easiest to take, but with the way this training course teaches you, your mind is trained on identifying certain key phrases that you otherwise wouldn’t catch. I highly recommend this course and I will be back in 4yrs to take my continued education courses here. Did I mention I passed on my very first attempt? lol..thank you CA Realty School. Now who wants to buy or sell a house????