Diane Brito is AMAZING!!! I took the 2- Day Crash Course on Super Bowl Weekend…that says it all. It was at the Santa Monica location and class had a mild obstacle . One technical glitch, even Robert Rico himself came in mid-morning attempting to fix the technical glitch. Despite this, Diane breezed through very gracefully. One could not tell there was a glitch because Diane captures your attention immediately. As an instructor, she engages with her students, she has her students engage amongst one another as she presents analytical issues and challenges her students to “think and solve issues that WILL arise in their future careers.” Diane is not only very experienced and knowledgeable, but she has a passion for her career that she clearly conveys it to her students. And her students, can feel that vibrant passion and excitement. Diane literally makes the textbooks of Real Estate, Principles and Practice, come to life, by her ability to give her students “real life scenarios,” and then has the students discuss the topics learned as a group, and very cleverly ties it into what to expect on the Real Estate Board Exam. She also guides her to students into establishing the core values of ethics & integrity. So that early on they learn to maintain those values. Then upon licensing, the student is now literally immersed in the Real Estate market and putting into motion the valuable lessons taught by Diane Brito! I PASSED my exam on the first try!! Thank you Diane