Thank you to the whole team at CA Realty Training for helping guide me to pass my State Exam!

I first got all set up by walking into the office and meeting with Kian. He set me up for the classes and was very helpful.

My first month of class was taught by Robert Rico. Robert has a very dynamic personality and makes class fun, coming up with unique ways to relate real life situations to the Real Estate Industry (smoky pool hall,etc). Thank you Rico!

After a scheduling change, my next two months were taught by Ashley Wrobel. Wow– what a wealth of knowledge she is!! She has also been very helpful and has given me great advice so far on what my next steps should be in the Real Estate Industry.

Finally, I took the Real Estate Crash course with Ian Medina. He did a wonderful job cramming a whole lot of info into one weekend. He was able to share some of his own personal experiences to relate to the exam material. Very helpful. I took the State Exam two days after the Crash Course and was able to pass on my first attempt!

Thanks again to the whole team– highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about getting their Real Estate License!!