I Live in Santa Monica so choosing CA Realty was a no brainer. I took the Saturday class 10am to 2pm due to my schedule. This was the best decision I made because I got to have Robert Rico the owner, established agent, master motivator and the most passionate coach I have ever had teach me what I needed to know to be a successful agent and pass the exam.

If it wasn’t for Robert Rico being there every Saturday to teach you the 101 of real estate and be there for you every step of the way I would of never finished the course and class. I trusted Robert Rico and believed in him with his powerful messages, preaching, convincing life stories even watching his YOUTUBE videos before my first class I was just hoping that he was going to be the instructor and he was.

I took my exam Friday 8/11/2017 and Passed First Try.

Everything Rico was saying from day one, on how to study, how to practice, what you need to do to pass the exam was 100% correct and he was right. I believe and trust him and this class and staff is doing it the best and they are the best in the business.

There are a lot of gimmick classes and online courses that DONT WORK, don’t be fooled. Work with Robert Rico hands on who will help and guide you through the 3 month course and teach you exactly how to pass the final.

I recommend this class and staff over any one out there. I have been doing residential real estate lending for 12 years in Santa Monica and I am referring all my clients that want to get into real estate to join Robert Rico and his team.

Thank you Robert for helping me start a new chapter in my life and giving me the daily confidence and motivation I needed, even when I was weak and not believing in myself you were there at class and emailing me to stay up and keep my head up and keep grinding.

This is the type of class, owner and program you want in your corner and now a friend for life!

Thank you Robert Rico and CA REALTY TRAINING!!!!