Student Testimonials

Our Real Estate education program is the highest rated in the state. We put our students first, and it shows!

Stephanie L.
Torrance, CA
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I bought an online course and was totally unmotivated. A lot of reading and no contact with anyone in the area until I found CA Realty Training. Came to the first free class very suspicious and did not expect much. I gave it a try and it was the best thing I ever did. The trainers give you all the support you need to not only pass the test and get your license but to be GOOD, and not just another realtor. If you are wondering or thinking of investing in a real estate career, this is your place. Don't waste time.

Josh R.
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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My partner and I began to research and came across CA Realty Training on Eventbrite. The location that fit best for me was the Downtown LA area due to the proximity to our own location. The first class is an introductory class (free class) that's where I met with Mac Nomura, who is the instructor at that site on Saturday's. Mac Nomura is honest, knowledgeable, professional, and down to earth while making real estate concepts understandable to anyone paying attention and engaging in the class. Mac brings present real-life scenarios and even his own personal experience to make connections to the concepts that are being taught in each individual session. He provides practical advice and wants everyone to win.

Alicia M.
Northridge, CA
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In One Word: AWESOME!! This is absolutely the BEST real estate school - CA Realty Training through Keller Williams Central office in Northridge, CA. I STRONGLY recommend you try out the first class (given for free) - you will be glad you did! Good luck with your future!

Mitch S.
Chino Hills, CA
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I walked into Victor's (free) class after trying online schools for almost 2 years. Not only were the classes informative, but he gave us great insight on the testing process, how to fill out the application, and what to study. When I left Victor's class I actually felt like I had the knowledge to be an agent...not just enough to pass a test. It is not the cheapest school but it is the BEST for your money.

Brenda P.
La Mirada, CA
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I've always been interested in getting my Real Estate license, and after doing a lot of research, CA Realty seemed to be the best fit for me. I initially did a free info session (over Zoom), and that is what sealed the deal for me. I immediately signed up for the 3 month program, and started my first class in November 2020.

Andy C.
Studio City, CA
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I always like to do a lot of research when I get into something and CA Realty seemed like a good fit. I started with the free introductory course and absolutely loved it!