Real Estate Agent and Trainer, Robert Rico, discusses what is next in Real Estate technology – how to reach more leads and how the social media presence is essential for any real estate agent. Do you want to see more video blogs? Subscribe here!


Technology has put down roots in almost every aspect of our lives… whether it’s work, socializing, dating – or, yes, home shopping! It’s no secret that home shoppers are heavily using sites like Zillow and Redfin to research homes for sale, but there are also many other tools that can help today’s savvy agent stay ahead of the curve and on top of leads and clients.

One key way to stay in touch with your clients is by putting a chat feature on your website, or having a robust Facebook messenger presence. Since everyone is so used to discussing things over text or messenger, an instant message-based way to get in touch with you is essential. This also enables more people to reach out to you, and any potential person reaching out to you could become a client!

Another key way to stay in touch with your clients is with a good CRM: a Contact Relationship Manager. This software will help you manage your SOI (sphere of influence) and save you all the details of remembering when you last spoke with someone. The best CRM will integrate with your email and phone calls to automatically track contacts and will even suggest creating a new contact for any unknown number.

Thirdly, a good web and social media presence is truly crucial to stay current and to get leads converted into deals. Among Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, social media is a huge tool for real estate agents to build their brand – and in Snapchat-talk, the disappearing nature of “stories” encourage visitors to check back every day, so they don’t miss anything! Another one of Snapchat’s benefits is its low “permission level,” meaning that users get to choose when they view your stories, rather than receive a notification that has to be attended to or ignored immediately. Because the current generation of internet users is now so overwhelmed by advertising and promoted content, it’s VERY important to share organically – what you’re really doing and what you’re actually passionate about.

Once your technological outreach has gotten you clients and a listing, you should be very conscious of the technology now available and expected from a seller’s standpoint. 360-degree cameras and tours are nearly a must nowadays, and they greatly enhance a property’s marketability via online channels such as Zillow and Redfin. Most agents are now creating websites with the house’s address, for example:, which should show an even more in-depth tour of the home with all details such as square footage, pictures of the view, and more. Another photo method gaining popularity is fly-over “drone” photography of the house and neighborhood, since buyers are now ranking the neighborhood as a greater decision-making factor than in the past, and aerial photos of a home and yard can be much more informative than the average and traditional on-the-ground photos.

Another possible factor that can help sell houses more quickly, especially to younger buyers, is a smart/connected home, which is sometimes referred to with the new term “Internet of Things.” The I.O.T. is a reference to connected light bulbs, thermostats, outlets, and more, which allow users to control their home through an app on their smartphone, and monitor energy usage to reduce their carbon footprint. This is especially prominent for the millennial generation, but also becoming more and more popular among older buyers as well – since everyone is so used to controlling everything from their phone, controlling their home is the next logical step.

Overall, technology is pretty cool, and it is constantly growing at a rapid speed. It is important for Real Estate Agents to stay up-to-date with all that is new in real estate tech- for the sake of their clients, for the sake of making more money, and for the sake of staying with-it.