Why Join Our Training?

  • We provide the best online licensing coursework.
  • We offer live in-class supplemental training that will prepare you for success in the Real Estate Profession.
  • We offer over 40 hours of online supplemental training videos.
  • We provide additional help for students when submitting paperwork to the California Bureau of Real Estate.


Chase Milner

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Chase is the Chief Executive Officer for CA Realty Training. His passion for the Real Estate Industry led him to partner with the Rico team and create CA Realty Training. He is focused on reaching out to professionals interested in joining the real estate industry. He is devoted to assisting students with any information or questions they may have.

Carolee Rico

Owner/Chief Operating Officer

Carolee is an integral part of CA Realty Training. As the Chief Operating Officer, she helps students prepare for their classes and works with them to discover which program best fits their needs. After completing the program, Carolee assists students in submitting the necessary paperwork to the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Robert Rico

Owner/Chief Executive Director

Robert, the Chief Executive Director, is an amazing trainer that has a passion for helping new agents get started. He and his wife have extensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry with over 30 years of experience. His previous experience in the California school district makes him an outstanding communicator and a proven trainer.


Kian Khalifian

Client Services Manager

Kian is a Los Angeles native, raised in Santa Monica. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from California State University Northridge. Kian has customer service experience since 2008, when he graduated High School. With his vast experience in customer service and his degree in business, Kian is now pursuing his career as a Real Estate Agent. Kian strives for a level of professionalism and excellence that assists him with clients. Kian loves helping others with all he can. We are excited to have him as a part of the CA Realty Training family.

Maayan Bick

Client Services Advisor

Maayan received her Bachelor’s degree in both Economics and Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is extremely passionate about helping people succeed! Aside from loving real estate, Maayan has extensive experience in customer service and administration. She is driven to help current and prospective students to pursue their real estate career.

Sam Alborzi

Marketing Coordinator

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden where she worked successfully as an E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Sam relocated to Los Angeles and took an interest in the real estate industry. Combining her expertise and experience in marketing with the essentials of real estate, Sam found the perfect place at CA Realty Training where she works to build an informative and creative online presence to reach prospective students interested in a real estate career.

Greg Moore

Sales Advisor

Greg is a true Southern Californian, raised in San Diego, who then earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. With parents, family, and friends across all aspects of the real estate and mortgage industries, it was a natural fit for Greg to join the industry as well at a young, thriving startup. He’s a friendly, customer-focused face behind the screen, always ready to answer your questions and help steer you toward the best purchase option.