Real Estate Courses

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Legal Aspects of Real Estate

California Real Estate Law is an introduction to the laws that govern real estate transactions in the state of California. This course covers more than 200 case studies to help you apply concepts to real life. It also includes key terms and definitions that emphasize information essential to understanding real estate law in California.

Property Management

Property Management offers the most current and thorough overview of the property management industry. It offers a realistic approach to issues facing property managers such as accounting, maintenance, administration and legal activities, and includes updated federal regulations, such as civil rights, fair housing, ADA issues, and environmental concerns. This course provides you with case studies, sample forms, and review questions to enhance your understanding of property management concepts.

Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate Appraisal outlines the newest changes in the appraisal industry and its impact on your real estate transactions. It provides practical applications for all parties in the real estate industry and a strong foundation for understanding the real estate appraisal market. This course includes learning objectives and review questions as well as the basic principles and procedure requirements of the Appraiser Qualification Board.

Real Estate Economics

Real Estate Economics is built on strong economic and financial principles designed to train you on economic theory and how it relates to the real estate industry. This course focuses on factors that cause real estate values to change, and includes an “In California” section with direct insight into local issues. Also included are great resources that’ll help you build a successful business with contracts, quizzes, checklists, and other sample forms.

Real Estate Escrow and Title

Real Estate Escrow and Title explores the theory and practice of escrows-from the roles of the real estate broker and escrow holder to the regional variations between Northern and Southern California. This text provides a comprehensive study of escrow and title insurance principles-from early Americas escrow practices to transferring title in todays high-tech environment. You'll learn the latest forces in the regulatory environment as well as the entire escrow process from preliminary discussions all the way through closing.

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance helps you understand the monetary system and nuances of home mortgages. It details the instruments of financial leverage at each stage of the market, and it’s designed to help you understand the essential element to any real estate transaction.

Real Estate Office Administration

Real Estate Office Administration offers an applications-oriented approach to becoming more effective managers, leaders, and communicators. This course reflects innovation, which is most apparent in digital media and all the associated tactics and risks (i.e. Internet security and identity theft), and features new trends in professional development and civil procedures.

Real Estate Practice

Real Estate Practice covers everything around building a successful real estate practice, from disclosures to marketing to taxation and beyond. It contains sample checklists, forms, contracts, and quizzes. It’s been updated to reflect changes in legislation, and it includes key terms and definitions that emphasize essential information needed to understand real estate in California.

Real Estate Principles

Real Estate Principles offers a comprehensive introduction to the real estate business. With detailed outlines of property types and ownerships as well as the intricacies of working with escrow and title companies, this course was developed to train new agents on the principles of real estate.