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  • We provide the best online licensing coursework.
  • We offer live in-class supplemental training that will prepare you for success in the Real Estate Profession.
  • We offer over 40 hours of online supplemental training videos.
  • We provide additional help for students when submitting paperwork to the Department of Real Estate.



CA Realty Training is well known for its top-notch training and leadership!

We provide you with information beyond the required state material and our trainers are dedicated to bringing that material to life with their own personal experiences. The trainers give detailed information about current market trends and provide you with fun examples to help you remember the material.

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  • Real Estate Practice (In class supplemental training available)
  • Real Estate Principles (In class supplemental training available)
  • Real Estate Finance (In class supplemental training available)
  • Property Management
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Real Estate Office Administration
  • Real Estate Appraisal
(Mandatory, Elective)

Online Licensing Course Duration:

  • Take course 100% online.
  • Finish your salesperson license courses in as little as 54 days! Our course materials meet all Department of Real Estate (DRE) requirements.
  • You have one year to complete the course, from date of registration.

In Class Supplemental Training Session Duration:

  • Our in-class training brings you a supplemental education to the online portal. Trainers, with an exceptional experience in real estate, are hand-selected to lead every session. That means students learn under the trainer’s philosophies and are taught how to apply the course material in real-world situations. This course is designed to give you a complete perspective on real estate to ensure your success.The sessions do not cover every topic in the course’s textbooks. The instructors teach material based on their professional experience and the topic’s relevance. The online portal and textbooks cover the educational requirements created by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). Therefore, completing the coursework in your online portal and textbooks are crucial to passing the curriculum.The in-class training gives our students the chance to ask questions to an active real estate leader—someone with a detailed history in the industry and knows what makes students successful. Trainers answer student questions about the course material, working in real estate, and how to become a top-producing agent.

    Our mission is to provide students with a wholesome education that will teach them the required real estate education while preparing them for thriving careers.


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CA Realty Training’s online supplemental training videos are designed to make you feel like you are in one of our live supplemental training sessions. They help breakdown difficult concepts, while illustrating examples from real life scenarios. Robert Rico, the Chief Executive Director, has years of experience in the industry and thus offers substantial insight through these interactive online training videos. To learn more, check out one of the sample videos below.


Online Single Course

  • Purchase a single real estate course.
  • Choose from eight different options.

In-class & Online License Package

  • 3 Month Training Program
  • California Real Estate Practice
  • California Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Online Exam Prep Solution
  • All ebooks included
  • Additional material available for extra cost:
  • +$51 for hardcopy textbooks
  • (excluding tax and shipping fee)
  • +$129.99 for full online training videos
  • Payment Plan Available!

Online License Package

  • California Real Estate Practice
  • California Real Estate Principles
  • Elective Course
  • Online Exam Prep Solution
  • All ebooks included
  • Additional material available for extra cost:
  • +$51 for hardcopy textbooks
  • (excluding tax and shipping fee)
  • +$129.99 for full online training videos
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