Student Testimonials

Our Real Estate education program is the highest rated in the state. We put our students first, and it shows!

Andrea P.
Los Feliz, CA
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I enrolled in the property management course intially as a tryout to see if real estate was a path I really wanted to commit to. I started off just reading the book and then next thing I found myself 8 completed courses deep.California Realty Training offers an excellent buildable self paced program in which you can add physical textbooks and videos to enhance your learning experience.To make this short and sweet, I found the classes and tests to be relevant with what you will need in the working world and for exam preparation. I also enrolled in the crash course which includes a VERY wide variety of practice exams. Please please please enroll in this if you wish to pass as this will highlight key concepts and vocabulary relevant to the exam.I say this to say I used CA Realty 98% and watched 1 video from youtube within 2 weeks of  my scheduled exam date. To paint the picture for you I enrolled in my first class in May 2020 and finished my final class, Appraisal in August 2021, my exam was scheduled on 9/14 for 9/25 and I immediately enrolled in the crash course and passed my first try! It really is pass on first try guaranteed! Even though I took my courses over 1 year and some months ago.Do yourself the favor and just take the class!Its affordable, customer service is THEE best, the material is relevant and updated, you are provided with weekly email alerts with helpful resources and they also have a youtube channel with information too!Want to pass on your first try? Then you know what you need to do! and remember focus on concepts & vocab. They are your keys to passing!

Jered F.
Soquel, CA
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I didn't know exactly what I needed to reinstate my license after moving back to California, but Karen provided fantastic information and directed me to the courses I needed. Great customer service, and a very intuitive website. Thank you!

Breanna C.
Bakersfield, CA
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I am currently on my 2nd month with Rose Hueneke as an instructor and shes awesome. She very thorough and explains everything well. She answers all questions so that you can understand it clearly. She makes class enjoyable with her humor and jokes. I definitely recommend her as an instructor.

Myrna D.
Victorville, CA
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Just finished the three months courses and absolutely enjoyed it. Mr. Bryan Collins was very knowledgeable and helpful during his teaching of the courses. Thank you

Angel Z.
Marina Del Rey
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I have never met anyone with so much enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Not only will she educate you, but she wouldn't hesitate to mentor you throughout the way. If you don't understand some of the material, she will always go the extra mile in order to explain it to you. She will even give you real scenarios that she has gone through in order for you to better understand it. If you're thinking about joining Real Estate make sure to sign up for Veronica J. in class course. Believe me you wouldn't regret it...I almost didn't want to leave on my last day lol.

Jasmine V.
West Covina, CA
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I had been wanting to enroll in a Real Estate class and was looking around. I came across CA Realty School at Keller Williams in Chino Hills. I started my research and read the great reviews on Yelp. I decided to check out the class for myself. I loved Victor Hugo's energy and passion for not only his Real Estate career, but also for teaching. I decided I was going to enroll in the class. I live in West CoviN/A and noticed they had a CA Realty School at Keller Williams in my city in the Eastland shopping center. I could have just enrolled to a location closer to me, but I really liked Victor's enthusiasm and knowledge of Real Estate, that I did not mind making the commute to Chino Hills. I would recommend to check out the free intro session. (If you don't believe me). He is really there to help you with any questions your have.