Pass The State Exam Guarantee
Terms & Conditions

CA Realty Training is confident that we offer the best assistance in passing your real estate state exam. If you don’t pass your state exam on your first attempt, you must meet these qualifications to receive a partial or full refund.

If you purchased the Online State Exam Prep ONLY ($50 value), you will need to meet all the following qualifications to receive a full refund:

  • You will need to earn 80% or higher on five, consecutive, full real estate practice exams (All Categories selected and 150 questions on each exam attempt). This follows our recommendation of how to study and pass your exam.
  • You must complete your last full real estate practice exam, earning a score of 80% or higher, within 5 days of completing your state proctored Real Estate State Exam. This is to ensure that you are prepared and have the information fresh in your memory.
  • You must provide the paid receipt of the DRE Exam including date of scheduled exam and the letter/form from the DRE showing failure and breakdown of score. This is to verify that you failed the exam and will allow us to see the categories you may need the most assistance with.

If you purchased our Live/Webinar Crash Course in addition to the Online State Exam Prep, you must meet all of the terms above and the additional terms below to qualify for a partial refund ($60 value) or be provided the ability to re-attend the crash course for free.

  • We recommend completing our crash course the weekend prior to your state exam.To meet the partial refund requirement, you must take the state exam within 1-month following the crash course or you will void the guarantee.

If you purchased our Crash Course Videos, then you can choose between receiving a partial refund ($60 value) or receiving an extension to our crash course videos. Here are the additional terms that must be met for you to qualify to receive a partial refund or be provided with an extension:

  • We recommend completing our online crash course videos and supplemental quizzes the weekend prior to taking your state exam. To meet the partial refund or extension requirements, the activation of our online crash course videos and supplemental quizzes must be completed within 2 months before your state exam test date.