6 Best Real Estate Schools in Los Angeles 2023

Oct 26, 2022
10 min.

There are dozens of options when you search for the best real estate school in Los Angeles. All of which vary in cost, quality, and availability. 

As you take the first steps to begin your career in real estate, we want to ensure you get off on the right foot — and that means attending the right school for you and your goals. 

As you explore the options, consider whether you want to join in-person or online classes, and if the program you choose assists with job placement after passing the real estate state exam. 

Additionally, it would help if you considered the value that a local, California-based school offers versus a national institution, which typically won’t come with state-specific content and services. Each of these factors will impact your experience in getting your real estate license. 

We looked at some of the top real estate schools in Los Angeles and outlined their pros and cons below. Our rankings are based on Google reviews, which we think provide a realistic and subjective representation of their online reputation. 

#1. CA Realty Training (519 Google Reviews / 4.9 rating)

With all of our Los Angeles locations combined, we came in with 542 Google reviews with an average of 4.9 star rating per review. 

We placed ourselves on top of the list. Biases aside, when you stack our program up against the rest, we come out on top as the #1 reviewed program by students. 

CA Realty Training is renowned for our top-notch customer service and engaging coursework that students love. We take a personal approach to our classes, ensuring each student has what they need to succeed. 

We provide the most thorough training, and offer students the ability to pick between three different educational formats to fit their learning styles and schedules. 

Students can choose from two live training formats (live in-person or live Zoom meetings), an online pre-recorded video lectures format, or an online-only format. No matter which option a student chooses, all students receive our intuitive online program to assist them in their studies.

Our pre-licensing courses are available online for six months, but if you’re looking to finish faster you can do so within 54 day’s time. 

Student Testimonial: “I cannot express how much this program helped me. It was honestly easy to follow the steps, the amount of assistance is incredible and the resources they have while taking the courses and AFTER you are licensed is incredible. It's like having a coach with you at all times. The videos and online courses were the best. I passed the very first time, I have referred and keep referring to CA Realty Training. Thank you so much for making this so easy to follow and for my success in real estate.”

CA Realty Training Pros

Let’s talk about the pros of our program. Here, you’ll find what our program brings to the table and what makes it the #1 pick among students in Los Angeles.

Free content

The pros of our school start outside the classroom. Our online database of free videos and articles are available for all with Internet access. This supplemental material helps educate you about the real estate industry and features interviews with experts in the field. It also showcases state exam prep content that will help students prepare and feel confident for the big exam.

Classroom formats for everyone

Now onto the actual program. We're one of the only local real estate schools in California with both in-person training and live webinar classes offered remotely through Zoom. Students can pick from a variety of classroom types and times that work best for their schedule.

Our program, dare we say, is one of the most comprehensive classroom experiences in the state. We provide you with 3-months of training which focuses on one of the three prerequisite courses each month. This equates to 36-hours of classroom instruction and makes us the leading provider of live training in California!

Within each of our course packages, we also offer a state exam prep with one of the largest test banks in California. This comes with over 2,000 practice exam questions, meaning you can take nearly limitless variations of practice exams to help you pass the real exam on your first attempt. 

Tons of locations and scheduling options

We have the most locations throughout the state and, more specifically, throughout Los Angeles. Students can typically find a class that works best with their schedule given the flexible days & class times we offer. Daytime classes, nighttime classes, weekend classes - you name it, we have it! If you can’t find a location nearby, you can always choose our webinar option which covers the same exact material.

Trainers with unparalleled experience

Our trainers are handpicked based on their years of real estate experience and their ability to break down complex concepts into simple examples that all can understand. With everyone’s years of experience combined, we have the most industry knowledge out of any other program in California.

Intuitive online student portal

Students have access to an extremely intuitive online portal which lets them review class presentation slides, read and engage with course eBooks, take quizzes, tests, and even practice state exams and view hundreds of vocabulary flashcards.

In fact, the online portal was designed specifically for user-friendly navigation and to help students learn in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to take a look at how we make learning easy, then sign up for a free trial and get access to our online student portal today.

Classes for every part of your career

In addition to the pre-licensing curriculum, we offer exam prep courses, continuing education, and the coursework needed for the Broker License to help students at any point in their career.

The best support team

It’s not just our program that takes the cake. We have the best student services team in the state who will help you through every step of your journey.

We also connect our alumni to brokerages after they graduate from our program. This helps them hit the ground running once they pass the state exam and are ready to start their career. 

CA Realty Training Cons

If we had to list a con about our program, it would be our pricing. CA Realty Training might not be the cheapest option on the market, but we think you’ll find we provide the best value.

This doesn't mean we’re the most expensive either. We strive to offer our program at a competitive price and most importantly we pack it full of everything you need to pass your courses and state exam. On our highest priced programs, we also offer a great payment plan.

Our goal is to ensure students from all economic backgrounds have access to our industry-leading education program. 

No other program gives you the full toolkit like CA Realty Training. Our #1 goal is to make your real estate education informative and fun.

#2. Premier Schools (102 Google Reviews / 4.9 rating)

Coming in second is Premier Schools — a California-based real estate company that offers online coursework. 

Students appreciate the simple organization of the coursework and the ability to complete the requirements online at their own pace. 

There are three packages for aspiring agents to consider; each will provide hardcopy textbooks to use in tandem with a printable workbook, open-book finals, and access to practice exams. 

In addition, students can select upgraded packages to receive CD & DVD sets, providing them with pre-recorded state exam preparation. 

Student Testimonial: "Great customer service. I had so many questions and all of them were answered in a timely manner and the person I talked to was super nice and helpful."

Premiere Schools Pros

Here is what really stands out to us when we reviewed Premiere School’s program:

Support team ready to help

Students enjoy the speed at which they receive support from Premier Schools, giving them the encouragement they need to study and pass their finals. 

Independent learning

Premier is an excellent option for those who enjoy learning independently with their textbook and notes. 

The material is concise, and quizzes are graded immediately after submission, which helps students finish within the standard 54 days.

Affordable program

Others noted the affordability of the courses, allowing them to save money as they renew or obtain their license. 

Premiere Schools Cons

This school doesn't offer live in-person classes, meaning all lessons are done online on your own schedule. 

Despite a high rating overall, previous students were frustrated with the level of communication and correspondence from their instructor. 

Some also said there was a mismatching of materials from the prep work to the final exam, leaving some previous students to retake their licensing exam after failing.

Key Highlight: This school offers all coursework in English or Spanish, making it an excellent choice for Spanish-speaking students looking to get their real estate license!

#3. The Realty Academy (65 Google Reviews / 4.9 Rating)

Realty Academy offers in-person and live online classes for their coursework. 

They rank #3 on our list with 60 Google Reviews and a 4.9 rating, illustrating their success among students who take their classes. 

With four different pre-licensing packages, students can find the best learning style suited for their taste. 

A favorite among students is the “+++VIP Program,” offering in-person training, hardcopy textbooks, exam prep with application assistance, and the inclusion of an 8-hour live cram course. 

To provide the most support for their students, The Realty Academy also provides access to a private tutor to further explain real estate concepts and exam prep. 

Student Testimonial: “I read online that only 44% of people pass the State Real Estate Exam the first time.  I am one of the 44% thanks to Armando and the Realty Academy.  Even with classes over Zoom, it was much more effective to have personal interactions then just going online.  If you are serious about getting your license, this is money well spent!”

The Realty Academy Pros

For those seeking a traditional classroom setting, the in-person classes at Realty Academy are beloved by former students. 

They offer multiple monthly sessions to attend training either in-person or through webinars. In addition, the option to purchase private tutoring - no matter the original package selected - is a great way to guarantee that students are fully prepared to pass the real estate state exam.

The Realty Academy Cons

While some of their course packages start at $299, their main licensing package is $699, making it one of the highest-priced programs compared to other options out there.

Compared to other programs, we didn’t notice any special features that The Realty Academy offers so we would consider this a lot of money for only 4-weeks of live training.

Additionally, they only have one in-person location available in Calabasas, California, which could make it inconvenient for students across Los Angeles County. 

Key Highlight: They state they can connect students with several referral brokerages once they receive their real estate license.

#4. California School of Real Estate (52 Google Reviews / 4.8 Rating)

The California School of Real Estate is exclusive to California and has been in business for over 80 years.

Confident in their ability to help students pass the RE state exam, they offer a "200% refund program" for anyone that fails the state exam after taking the three prerequisite courses. 

Their most popular package, the “home study package”, offers physical textbooks, eBooks, lecture guides, mock exams, and an 899+ question bank to answer any course-related questions. 

In addition, all students are welcome to request free consultations with their head instructor, who has been teaching real estate education for 60 years. 

Student Testimonial: “I used the program offered by the California School of Real Estate and really had a great experience. The qualification courses were extremely easy to complete by just reading the textbook and doing the online open book finals, but I believe the most helpful to me personally was the license preparation program. I particularly liked Don's lecture as he made it a little more enjoyable to get through which would be normally dry and boring material. End result I passed my exam, great Instructor and a great program.”

California School of Real Estate Pros

The California School of Real Estate prides itself on its affordable price and high-quality education, sitting at a cost of $169. From reviewing other options, you’ll notice it’s not a bad price point given their recent program updates in 2022. 

One of their pros is the 200% money back guarantee if you take their program and fail the exam. Keep in mind, however, you have to meet their qualifications in order to be eligible for the refund. We recommend reading the fine print.

California School of Real Estate Cons

The California School of Real Estate offers limited options for students to complete the courses. 

With self-guided classes, it is up to the student to stay on top of their coursework throughout the lessons. Students are not equipped with any guides or a team to help them through the learning process, which could equate to a poor experience.

They don't offer in-person or video classes, and only provide a “live” weekend review session to help students prepare for their finals and RE state exam.

The last major con is that their website seems to be outdated. We found it relatively hard to navigate and it delivers information in a way that makes the licensing process hard to understand. Students might find it hard to find which courses to take, what they provide, and how it works.

Key Highlight: The California School of Real Estate was one of the first real estate schools approved by the Department of Real Estate in 1941.

#5. Lumbleau Real Estate School (50 Google Reviews / 4.6 rating)

Lumbleau Real Estate School is one of the oldest schools in California. Today, classes are offered as a self-paced, online course with chapter summaries and 14 pre-recorded lesson videos. 

Priced at $189, Lumbleau allows you to complete the three required pre-licensing courses within the standard 54 days without breaking the bank.

In addition, students can purchase hardcopy textbooks or go through their course material online. 

In this $189 program, state exam preparation is included in the price, providing a one-on-one video meeting, video lessons, and a 3,300+ question bank to help you prepare for the RE state exam. 

Student Testimonial: "Easy to follow real estate education program with great customer service. The layout of classes is simple and easy to follow. Their customer service was extremely helpful whenever I had a question - they replied right away. They were actually able to make real estate courses fun."

Lumbleau Real Estate School Pros

Students find that Lumbleau customer service representatives are great. Their support staff is composed of licensed real estate agents who offer a solid support system for students needing assistance with their coursework. 

In addition, a free demo is available on their website. This allows prospective students to preview the format and style of coursework before committing to enrolling in their program.

Lumbleau Real Estate School Cons

With only online classes available, this school lacks the in-person support & training that many students look for here in California. Previous students have reported on the difficulty of reaching their customer service team, which created delays and disruptions in their coursework. 

While it’s great to offer video content, especially from motivational speaker and salesperson, John Lumbleau, we found Lumbleau’s videos to be outdated and most likely produced in the 1980s to 1990s. 

Like the videos, their website fits their oldies aesthetic. It’s not the most visually appealing user experience, but is likely effective.

Key Highlight: After each course section, you'll go through a 100 to 400-question interactive test to gauge the knowledge you learned. Each course also features a motivational video to get you started.

Honorable Mention: Real Estate Express (online)

As one of the national institutions, Real Estate Express doesn't have localized Los Angeles Google Reviews to rank. 

But given its popularity, we thought it was still worthy of a spot on our list. In addition, as a national institution with courses across multiple states, students enjoy the online platform to walk them through their coursework. 

Student Testimonial: "It was very convenient. Working a full-time job and being able to do the online Program was the best. If you have a job, this is the route to go. It was not too hard and not too easy, be ready to do a lot of studying."

Real Estate Express Pros

As a national online learning company, Real Estate Express has a robust platform with various options for students to pick from. All of their instructors are state-approved, and you can choose between live or on-demand classes.

Real Estate Express Cons

Some students report errors and technical issues while going through the coursework, causing frustration as they go through the lessons. Additionally, while they have live support, it's not 24/7, so some might have difficulty getting answers when necessary. 

Key Highlight: Real Estate Express offers a "Career Hub" where you can ask questions and get practical guidance on how to launch your real estate career. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Real Estate Schools in Los Angeles, California

Picking the right Los Angeles real estate school can mean passing or failing your licensing exam. It also determines how knowledgeable you will be as a full-fledged agent in the real world. 

As you examine the top real estate schools, check out our upcoming courses at CA Realty Training and contact us to get started with the top-ranked school in Los Angeles. 

Classes are available year-round, so there is never a wrong time to begin your real estate journey. 

All information is accurate as of October 26th, 2022.

Oct 26, 2022
10 min.