10 Best Real Estate Schools in Orange County, California 2023

Mar 22, 2023
15 min

Ready to start your career as an Orange Country real estate agent? Finding the right school to get your pre-licensing coursework completed is a crucial part of starting your real estate career on the right foot. And with so many options, it’s hard to determine which program is the best. 

As you search for the right school, you must understand what you’ll need to succeed. Do you need a structured, in-person classroom setting? Or are you looking to learn on the go with online classes and mobile-friendly coursework? Whichever learning style is best for you, there’s likely a program that will fit your needs. 

We’ve done some research for you and ranked our top 10 real estate schools in Orange County - based on Google Reviews as a guiding point.We believe these public reviews are a realistic and subjective representation of each school's online reputation with students who have completed the program.

#1. CA Realty Training (128 Reviews, 5.0 Average Rating)

At the top of the list is our CA Realty Training program, with a 5.0 rating across 128 reviews. We think this truly speaks to the outstanding experience our students have — both with our online platform and the engaging instructors that teach the courses. 

Our program offers unparalleled support, the flexibility students need, and a money-back guarantee, giving you the confidence you’ll pass your exam after using our program.

Student Testimonial: This program provided me with all the tools necessary to pass the state exam on the first try. I took the online training classes with Angela So and she was fantastic! The classes were enjoyable and I looked forward to meeting with the group via Zoom twice a week! Angela's personality is fun and energetic which keeps things interesting. She shares personal experiences as a realtor and answers all your questions. I highly recommend the program and taking Angela's classes. Thank you so much CA Realty!
Erika Negron

CA Realty Training Pros

Try Before Signing Up

At CA Realty Training, students can test our platform before enrolling in the complete program with our free trial. This gives you an inside look at our platform's format, functionality and features, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable with what you see.

We also have a free live webinar training session that lets you sit in on the first class for free. That way you can get to know your trainer, meet your classmates, and see if this career is right for you. 

Formats and Schedules That Work For You

We have a variety of class structures to fit whatever learning needs you have. With onlineor live webinar classes, CA Realty Training has flexible options, giving students the power to learn in the format they prefer. 

If students prefer the flexibility of online work, they can pick from on-demand pre-recorded classes or live webinar options at a scheduled time. This ensures the classes fit in with our students’ busy lives.

Local and Knowledgeable Trainers

Our students love our engaging and knowledgeable trainers that have real-world experience. Their in-depth knowledge of local Orange County real estate prepares our students to pass their exams and succeed in their careers. They’re able to grasp the coursework better and can build valuable real estate connections thanks to our trainers. 

We also have more cumulative experience and knowledge than any other program in the county thanks to our team of trainers and educators.

Easy-to-Use Platform

At CA Realty Training, our online educational platform is a one-stop shop for pre-licensing course material, state exam application assistance, and study resources for the California real estate exam. Our students get access to hundreds of vocabulary flashcards, eBooks, online quizzes, and more, giving you all the tools you need to ace your exams.

Top-Notch Support During and After Your Classes

Our student advisor team guides and supports our students during their coursework and after graduation, ensuring they have a network of resources as they start their real estate careers. They’ll assist you through the entire licensing process, and then our brokerage partners will help you with job placement and a roadmap to success. Our program offers support at every stage of your educational journey.

Additional Course Programs

No matter where you are in your licensing journey, CA Realty Training has a program for you. In addition to pre-licensing courses, we provide broker pre-licensing education, continuing education, and state exam prep. No other program offers the variety of classes and educational depth as we do.

CA Realty Training Cons

Getting a real estate license is an investment in your future career — and yourself. But we know that comes at a cost. While we think our prices are competitive, we know it’s not affordable for everyone. If you are interested in becoming a CA Realty Training student but aren’t sure you can make the financial commitment, give us a call. We’ll walk you through your options and find a solution that fits your needs.

#2. Revei Real Estate Education (92 Reviews, 5.0 Average Rating)

With several 5-star reviews, Revei Real Estate Education is another option for students looking to get their real estate license in Orange County. While they’re locally owned, their format is based on at-home study. 

Student Testimonial: “Revei was great!  I highly recommend them for license renewal.  They were very efficient and returned my emails & phone calls right away.”
Maria del Carmen

Revei Real Estate Education Pros


Unlike other national programs, Revei Real Estate has been locally owned and operated for over 32 years. Their local approach ensures the material is relevant to California, and instructors are Orange County-based. 

Online Format for Flexibility

With their online courses, Revei’s format is based on at-home study. This means there aren’t live classes or lectures, but students go through their coursework at their own pace, providing added flexibility for those who prefer this format. 

Responsive Customer Support

Several of Revei’s reviews highlight the outstanding customer support from their instructors. With their online format, students can benefit from reaching out to their instructor and customer support if they have questions or need additional help. 

Revei Real Estate Education Cons

While Revei has positive online reviews, most of the reviews are related to their continuing education options — not their first-time licensing program. Additionally, since their program is formulated around at-home study, it might not be a good option for students who are looking for an interactive or live classroom setting. Their pre-licensing course also starts at $250, making it expensive compared to some other local options. 

#3. Real Estate Trainers, Inc. (73 Reviews, 4.2 Average Rating)

Founded in 1972 by Bob Morris and Larry McHarg, Real Estate Trainers, Inc. has provided real estate educational courses to local Orange County students for decades. With 73 reviews and a 4.2 rating, they rank number 3 on our list of best real estate schools in Orange County. 

Student Testimonial: Real Estate Trainers is the only reason I passed my exam the first time! Extremely important to do it in person. They were amazing. Literally the best $$$ I ever spent!! I would not have passed without them. They take you step by step how to take the test. When I finished not only was I happy I had passed the first time I was kind of sad it was over- I actually had fun!
Anna K

Real Estate Trainers, Inc. Pros

Live Online Tutorials

Students looking for an online option to get live support can benefit from Real Estate Trainers, Inc., training tutorials. Held twice a week in the evenings, these sessions led by an instructor provide a chance for students to get clarity on specific material. 

Family-owned for Two Generations

Real Estate Trainers, Inc has been owned and operated by the McHarg family in Orange County for two generations. Now run by Larry McHarg’s son, they pride themselves on their family values and extensive time in business. 

In-Person Crash Course

If you’ve already completed your pre-licensing coursework but need additional support, Real Estate Trainers, Inc., offers an in-person crash course to prepare for your state exam. This is helpful for local Orange County students who prefer a traditional classroom setting. 

Real Estate Trainers, Inc. Cons

With their 3-course package starting at $384, Real Estate Trainers, Inc. is an expensive option for students looking to complete their classes on a budget. Plus, to access the live tutorials, students must purchase the physical textbook package, adding additional cost. While they offer in-person crash courses, most classes are only online. 

#4. 999 Investments and Realty College (41 Reviews, 5 Average Rating)

While they have several 5-star reviews, 999 Investments and Realty College offers in-person classes at their Huntington Beach office. Paul Nguyen, the president and lead instructor, is also an Orange County realtor. 

Student Testimonial: Awesome place to take your real estate class. I am very happy I went here instead of somewhere else. Angel is a lifesaver, she help me very process of the way. I can't thank her enough. And Paul is a great help as well. Both helped me out with any questions, I had. I highly recommend this real estate class if you want to pass the test the 1st time.
David Yang

999 Investments and Realty College Pros

Courses in Vietnamese

999 Investments and Realty College offers courses in both English and Vietnamese, giving non-English speaking students a chance to get their real estate license. 

In-Person Classes

While their website doesn’t provide information on specifics, all of the coursework for 999 Investments is done in person at their office located on Beach Boulevard in Huntington. 

Positive Customer Reviews

Despite having limited information on its website, this school has a 5.0 rating on Google, with previous students reporting a high satisfaction rating after completing their coursework. 

999 Investments and Realty College Cons

From the outside, it’s hard to really gauge how 999 Investments and Realty runs its classes since they don’t list a course schedule or offer any pricing information. Students will likely have to pick up the phone to learn more. 

#5. Duane Gomer, Inc. (26 Reviews, 4.4 Average Rating)

Located in Orange County, Duane Gomer, Inc. has been led by founder Duane Gomer since 1978 and offers pre-licensing, broker, and mortgage loan officer courses. With a 4.4 rating on Google, it is ranked #5 on our list of best Orange County real estate schools. 

Student Testimonial: My late brother-in-law advised me to take Duane Gomer's real estate courses to become an agent. The courses were easy to follow and helped me pass my real estate exam on the first try. The crash course really helped prepare me and I appreciate Duane and his staff. They have great communication and I am so grateful for everything.
Ashley Myers

Duane Gomer, Inc. Pros

Course Price Includes Textbook and PDF

With a hybrid approach to teaching, courses at Duane Gomer include both a physical textbook and a downloadable PDF. This allows students to review material in the format that fits their learning style best. 

Live Exam Prep

Duane Gomer hosts in-person exam prep courses every few months in Laguna Hills and Fountain Valley for students who want that added study time before taking their licensing exam. These classes last 8 hours and give an overview of everything on your California licensing exam. 

Accessible Customer Support

This school’s website touts “real live people” to answer students' questions about their coursework. Their customer support team is available via phone or email five days a week between 9 and 4:45 PM. 

Duane Gomer, Inc. Cons

Some reviews for Duane Gomer, Inc. outline discrepancies between the coursework and the exam, which left students frustrated and caught off guard. This school’s pricing is comparable with other pricey programs, at $325 for three courses. However, it costs $150 for their live crash course, which is higher than most. 

#6. Approved Real Estate Academy (20 Reviews, 4.8 Average Rating)

Approved Real Estate Academy is a locally operated program that combines live class instruction in Orange County with online courses that are California DRE-approved. 

Student Testimonial: When I started the class, I knew very little about the Real Estate business. Jim Forde's patient teaching to reinforce the books has made it possible for me to confidently prepare for the real estate exam. I am scheduled for the end of September, and I fully expect to pass. Jim not only goes over the information in the books, he reinforces them with personal experience. Excellent teacher and course.  Highly recommended.
Michael P

Approved Real Estate Academy Pros

Scholarship and Financial Aid Program 

Students who are on a budget or those who might struggle to afford prelicensing coursework can apply for scholarships or financial aid through Approved Real Estate Academy. They also offer a 110% money-back guarantee if students don’t pass their course exams.

Mentor Program 

Approved Real Estate Academy has a mentor program that helps connect students with local Orange County realtors who can help them jumpstart their careers or answer any questions. This no-cost program is a benefit for any student enrolled at the school.

iPad-ready Courses

For students who prefer to learn on their tablet, all of Approved Real Estate Academy's courses are iPad-friendly and don’t require Flash or special software. Students can utilize this feature to complete their coursework on the go via their tablets. 

Approved Real Estate Academy Cons

Parts of their website appear to be outdated, with class schedules dating back to 2019 and no activity on their Facebook since 2021, leaving prospective students to wonder about their current pricing and courses. 

#7. NRE Schools (6 Reviews, 5.0 Average Rating)

While they don’t have a lot of reviews, NRE Schools, based in Buena Park, has a 5-star rating, coming in at #7 on our list. With both online and in-person courses, they offer a hybrid approach for students that prefer a mix of learning styles. 

Student Testimonials: Great program...highly recommended.
Darius Mrkonic

NRE Schools Pros

Weekly In-Person Classes

NRE Schools is one of the few educational programs that offer regular in-person licensing classes for students who prefer a traditional classroom setting. These classes are held every Wednesday evening at the NRE office in Long Beach, California.  

“Triple” Guarantee

NRE School offers a “triple guarantee” that if students aren’t satisfied within 30 days of their purchase or fail the exam on the first try, they can get their money back. Additionally, when students purchase any course, they have one year from their purchase date to complete the course, even if they fail.

Zoom Study Group

NRE Schools offers an online weekly Zoom study group outside of their regular courses. This is helpful for students to connect with others taking the course and review key concepts.

NRE Schools Cons

While NRE Schools has an updated and easy-to-use website, there isn’t any information about who runs the courses or what experience the instructors have with real estate. Additionally, at $439 for their complete licensing bundle, NRE Schools is the most expensive option out there.

#8. Agent Real Estate Schools (6 Reviews, 5.0 Average Rating)

The Agent Real Estate network of schools offers online and in-person training options across the state of California. This program was founded as the KW Real Estate School and has been around since 2013. 

Agent Real Estate Schools Pros

Multiple online options

Agent Real Estate Schools has a variety of online learning classes depending on students' needs. Their “fast track” options allow students to work through the coursework at their own pace while adding the option to pay more, join an in-person study group, and connect with other students. 

Career Day Webinars

If students are unsure about becoming a real estate agent, they can attend a virtual Career Day hosted by the school. This interactive webinar connects students with licensed professionals. 


With their “Fast Track Lite” course costing $199, this school has some of the more affordable licensing options in the area. This option includes a student orientation, access to a private Facebook forum and the three required courses. 

Agent Real Estate Schools Cons

While they have a large network of locations and agents, they don’t list any upcoming events in the Orange County area for students to attend in person. They also charge more to add on the study group access, making it an added cost to simply connect with other students.

#9. The KW School of Real Estate - Long Beach (5 Reviews, 5.0 Average Rating)

In a new spin on pre-licensing education, the KW School of Real Estate in Long Beach offers a 100% online and free program for those looking to get their real estate license. Run by the local Keller Williams Brokerage, students can leverage this program and get access to a Kaplan Real Estate licensing course. 

Student Testimonial: If you are looking for a great education that is flexible for your busy lifestyle- look no further! The KW school will not only prepare you to pass your exams, but it will also teach you what the REAL job of being a realtor is like.
Halley Hardy

The KW School of Real Estate - Long Beach Pros

No Cost

This program advertises it as being entirely free for students to enroll and participate. This ensures that students of all financial backgrounds can access the courses they need to get their real estate license. However, the free cost does mean you do not receive as many perks and benefits that other programs offer, which could hurt you in the long run.

Connected With a Local Brokerage

Since the KW Coastal Long Beach brokerage runs the program, students are connected directly with a local group of agents to get advice, ask questions and jumpstart their careers. 

Additional Program 

According to the signup form, students will get more than just the pre-licensing education content. They’ll also participate in a program called KWSCORE that adds real-world application to the curriculum. 

The KW School of Real Estate - Long Beach Cons

Students looking to learn more about the KW School of Real Estate Long Beach will have to contact the school directly or fill out the form first, as they don’t have much information about the curriculum or training program online.

Because the program is free, the program is more barebones than what other programs will offer. This could make it harder to pass the real estate exam and feel unprepared for a successful career.  

Honorable Mention: Allied Real Estate School (47 Reviews, 2.8 Average Rating)

This national real estate education provider deserves an honorable mention on our list. They offer prelicensing education for California students in an online-only format, with both home study and live instructor classes. 

Allied Real Estate School Pros

Several Online Options

Allied Real Estate School provides several options for students to participate in, depending on their schedule. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Allied School ensures that you can get your money back if you don’t pass your exam or aren’t happy with the program within a week of purchasing.

Several Fast Track Package

Students who are looking for the bare minimum or want to pick from several packages will benefit from Allied Real Estate School’s program. They have several “fast track” packages that vary in features to provide a customizable experience for students. 

Allied Real Estate School Cons

While Allied is an online-only real estate school, its mobile platform can use some enhancements to be more user-friendly. Some students report the advertised class scheduling as being unreliable, with class times changing after they had signed up. Others said they had issues with the school’s technology platform.

TL;DR: CA Realty Training is the best option for the pre-licensing classes in Orange County. By far, we have the most competitively priced package that offers more educational resources than any other option. Not only that, but we have helped thousands of student get their license and become realtors in California. If you're ready to launch your career, then don't wait and enroll in our program today.

Mar 22, 2023
15 min