7 Best Real Estate Schools in San Francisco, California 2023

Dec 27, 2022
10 min

Getting your real estate license is an exciting and rewarding career move. As you prepare to take your licensing exam, finding the best real estate school in San Francisco is important to ensure you’re prepared and ready to pass your exam. 

While several options are available in San Francisco, students should weigh the pros and cons of each program to ensure it fits their individual needs. 

While some students prefer the flexibility of online learning, others may need a more structured classroom environment to understand and grasp the material thoroughly. 

We looked at the top real estate schools in San Francisco based on Google Reviews and ranked the best schools in San Francisco for real estate. 

#1. CA Realty Training (147 Google Reviews)

With 147 Google Reviews and a 4.9 ranking, CA Realty Training's real estate pre-licensing program is at the top of the list. Our innovative platform, coupled with in-person options, provides the best of both worlds for students wanting a comprehensive pre-licensing experience. 

Students will benefit from our local real estate trainers who share their real-world experience and walk through the coursework in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. Here's what one student had to say about our program.

I am very pleased I chose CA Realty Training to sign up with to help me obtain my RE License. It was a very seamless program from beginning to end.  I passed my three courses in exactly 54 days! I applied for the State Exam that same day and took the state exam and passed the first time out!!! The courses and especially the online state exam prep were extremely helpful and really pinpointed the areas I needed to concentrate on. Kian Khalifian was very helpful in scheduling the crash course with Mac Nomura, who was fantastic!
I am very appreciative to CA Realty Training and their staff for helping me successfully reach my goal!  Thank You CA Realty Training!!!
- Deborah Adri

CA Realty Training Pros

Free Content

If you’re curious about our education platform and what we offer, you can access our free content library. You’ll find actionable advice, career guidance, and hours of exam prep without enrolling in our program. You can find this content on our YouTube channel or the blog on our website.

Still unsure if our school is a good fit for you? You can enroll in our free introductory class and get a free trial of our online student portal — at no cost or obligation to you. Signing up for the free class is quick and easy. 

Online Or In-Person Class Formats

With regularly scheduled in-person and a bevy of online courses, CA Realty Training is one of the only programs that offers in-person and online real estate course options in San Francisco. 

With several options like in-person, video, and online live classes, students can pick the best format for them and their learning styles. 

Even within our online program, there is flexibility depending on the student’s preference. We have on-demand classes, which are pre-recorded lectures that students can watch on their own time, and live webinar courses for an interactive, classroom experience that you can attend from anywhere. 

Convenient San Francisco Locations

There are CA Realty Training locations throughout the San Francisco area, and students can conveniently attend our in-person classes at our centrally-located office in Oakland. No other program has more local offices in San Francisco. 

We offer class options during the day, evening, and weekend, allowing students the flexibility to attend class when it works best for them.

Helpful And Professional Trainers

Our San Francisco real estate trainers have first-hand experience navigating the industry and working in real estate. Their knowledge and interactive teachings will guide you through the coursework, making you feel prepared, confident, and excited about your real estate career. 

Our trainers are experts at breaking down complicated real estate topics and presenting them in a way that connects with our students, ensuring you not only remember the material but can apply it in real-world scenarios as you start your career.

We work with local trainers who help students prepare for the San Francisco market. Also, our trainers’ cumulative years of experience surpass that of any other program making it the most knowledgeable real estate school in the city.  

Easy-To-Use Online Platform

CA Realty Training’s online learning platform was designed with our students in mind, making it a seamless and easy-to-navigate experience. The intuitive design guides students through the pre-licensing coursework and serves as a one-stop shop for all learning material and resources. 

Upon enrolling, students will get immediate access to vocabulary flashcards, eBooks, online quizzes, and more.

Are you interested in checking it out for yourself? You can sign up for a free trial of our online student portal and start learning today.

Different Levels Of Classes Depending On Your Educational Need

Whether you’re working on getting your broker license or fulfilling your license renewal requirements, we have a class for you. 

Our program offers pre-licensing education, state exam prep, broker pre-licensing education, and continuing education. You can rely on CA Realty Training for every phase of your real estate education needs! 

Support Every Step Of The Way

When you enroll at CA Realty Training, you have the support of our dedicated student advisor team to guide you through the coursework. 

Whether you have a question about a class or need next steps to launching your career, our knowledgeable student advisor team is there to help, ensuring you have the answers you need. 

The support doesn’t end once you graduate. After passing your exam, we can connect you with one of our amazing local brokerage partners throughout the San Francisco area to get your career started. 

CA Realty Training Cons

Although CA Realty Training isn’t the cheapest option, we are the most competitively priced for the resources and network we offer our students. An investment in our program is an investment in your future success as a real estate agent.

We also offer a payment plan through Paypal to help make the cost of enrollment even more manageable for students. 

#2. California School of Real Estate (52 Google Reviews)

California School of Real Estate comes in second on our list with 52 Google Reviews and a 4.8 rating. This school opened in 1941 and has been family-operated ever since. 

While they don't have in-person options, they do offer online-only classes in the form of online, on-demand videos and home study materials. 

If you're serious about prepping for the real estate exam, this is the place to do it.  They were very helpful, and were extremely flexible during the pandemic lockdown. I felt fully supported all the way to my test date.  Thanks CA School of Real Estate!

California School of Real Estate Pros

Locally-Owned and Family-Pperated

According to its website, the California School of Real Estate has been around since 1941 and was one of the first California-approved real estate schools. 

The head instructor has nearly 40 years of teaching experience and has a local perspective that larger, national schools can’t offer. 


With its two-phase program starting at $119, California School of Real Estate is one of the market's more affordable pre-licensing education options. 

They also offer a 200% money-back guarantee if you don’t pass your state licensing exam. 

Newly Released Online and Audio Course

While the school doesn’t offer in-person courses, they recently released a new PowerPrep Online Program for students to watch lessons on-demand. This home-study format features their head instructor providing tips and tricks to passing the exam in an on-demand video. 

Additionally, the schools recently released a “Drive and Prep” program featuring audio lessons for students who prefer auditory learning.

California School of Real Estate Cons

Despite being a local San Francisco business, the school doesn’t offer any in-person classes for students that prefer a traditional classroom setting. 

Additionally, their course format is only through on-demand videos, minimizing the number of live interactions students can get with other classmates or their instructors. 

#3. CES Real Estate School (42 Google Reviews)

With 42 Google reviews and a 4.6 rating, CES Real Estate School ranks third on our list. With both in-person and Zoom-style classes, this option is one of the few local options besides CA Realty Training with classes local to San Francisco.

I highly recommend CES Real Estate School! I took all my classes during the covid through zoom. It was the best investment I could of done, In myself. Ms. Charlotte was also a pleasure to work with. 

CES Real Estate School Pros

In-person Classes

CES Real Estate School offers weekly classes on Wednesday evenings at their San Pablo, California office. While their classroom isn’t centrally located to San Francisco, they do offer courses in other locations like Vallejo. 

Crash Course For Exam Prep

For students that have already met their pre-licensing coursework requirement, CES Real Estate School offers a Crash Course to prepare for the exam. This course can be taken over 2 days on Zoom, or you can purchase access to 6 hours of on-demand video to help you prepare.

Experienced Instructors

Charlotte Saulter, the founder of the school, has over 20 years of experience running a brokerage, allowing her to apply her real-life learnings to students. In their reviews, students have responded positively to her engaging teaching style and helpful lessons.

CES Real Estate School Cons

With their in-person courses priced at $350, CES Real Estate School is an expensive option. The cheapest coursework, which only includes the practice exam, is $99, with prices increasing from there. 

Additionally, as a small, locally run San Francisco option, they only have a few team members, bringing to question the level of support they can provide for students. On their Google reviews, some students reported inaccuracies in final grades and course material from CES Real Estate School.

#4. Realty School 101 (26 Google Reviews)

Realty School 101 is a California-wide school that offers online real estate coursework with 24/7 support. They’re working on revamping their website and coursework for spring 2023, but still offer comprehensive online learning options for those looking to complete their pre-licensing or broker requirements. 

Thank you for an online course that was easy to enroll, request and access support any hour of the day. 12 months was more than enough time to get all 3 courses done and to prepare for the state exam.

Realty School 101 Pros

Coursework Can Begin Immediately

Realty School 101 allows students to get access to their coursework immediately upon enrolling. Having quick access to the material can help students who are eager to get started or looking to get through the classes quickly. 

Different Class Packages Based On Your Needs

Realty School 101 operates as an a-la-carte signup process where students can choose different course packages to fit their educational needs. If you only need a specific course, you can enroll in the individual class versus purchasing a larger package with unnecessary extra classes.  

24/7 Support

With a 24/7 chat and phone support option, Realty School 101 has staff available to help at all hours. This feature can be helpful for students working through the material late at night or on the weekends.

Realty School 101 Cons

With their courses ranging from $200 to $600, their pre-licensing courses are expensive and could be cost-prohibitive for students on a budget. 

Additionally, their coursework does not have an in-person element, so students do not have the benefits of building local connections.

#5. Kaplan Real Estate Education (2 Google Reviews)

Kaplan Real Estate is a well-known national provider of educational content, including a real estate pre-licensing program. While not local to San Francisco, they offer a California licensing program with several different online class formats. 

Kaplan Real Estate Education Pros

Large National Brand

As a national company with several educational offerings outside of the real estate industry, Kaplan has the power of a large national brand to ensure its platform is constantly updated and innovated. 

Its online portal allows students to work through the material at their own pace with options for on-demand, live, and home study courses. 

Option to Add Career Launcher

While Kaplan doesn’t have a local San Francisco presence, students can pay extra to add the “Career Launcher” program. This will give you access to a weekly group mentor session that provides students with career tips, guidance, and networking connections.

A Variety of Online Class Formats

Kaplan offers both on-demand and live courses and a home study option. Students can pick the format that works best for them. 

Students who just want the basic course material can select the more affordable home study option. The live classes might be a good fit if they want a more structured online experience. 

Kaplan Real Estate Education Cons

As a large national company, Kaplan’s coursework and platform are slightly generic without much personal touch or San Francisco-specific lessons. If students want to build connections deeply and understand the local real estate market, Kaplan might not be the best fit. 

Additionally, students who still opt to go with Kaplan will need to pay extra on top of their coursework to benefit from the Career Launcher program. 

#6. Agent Real Estate Schools - Oakland (0 Google Reviews)

Originally the KW Real Estate School, the Agent Real Estate School - Oakland is a licensing program with offerings across the state of California. 

While the majority of the coursework is done online, they have some in-person meet-ups in other areas of the state, like Irvine and San Diego, which is not convenient for students who live in San Francisco.

Coming in at number seven on our list, they don’t have any student reviews specific to their San Francisco option.

Agent Real Estate School - Oakland Pros

Multiple Online Learning Options

While they don’t have local classes, they offer different online course options, including a fast-track course, virtual group study, and a one-day interactive prep webinar. 

Depending on the student’s needs, they can pick the option that works for their timeline and budget.  

Career Day Webinars

Agent Real Estate Schools offers a Career Day webinar for potential students to hear from a professional on the real estate industry and career. 

This can give some helpful perspective if students are on the fence about making a career move. 

“Concierge” Approach to Support

The school touts a “concierge” support model for students, giving them access to dedicated guidance through their instructors and staff. 

Agent Real Estate School - Oakland Cons

Without any reviews specific to their Oakland program, it is challenging to discern what students thought of Agent Real Estate School. 

Additionally, while they say they have local programs, they are associated with a national program that can minimize their website's personal, California-specific touches. This is also evidenced by their lack of in-person Oakland offerings.

Honorable Mention: Aceable Agent (online)

As a national online platform, Aceable Agent takes a mobile-first approach to their pre-licensing courses. Their mobile app has several features like flash cards, quizzes and audio narration, making it a good option for students on the go who enjoy podcasts. 

Aceable Agent Pros

Mobile-Friendly Courses

Aceable Agent’s claim to fame is their on-the-go learning platform, with the ability to complete the entire pre-licensing course on a mobile device. This could be beneficial for tech-savvy students who are looking to complete coursework online.

Audio Narration Option

For auditory learners, Aceable Agent has an audio narration feature that allows students to listen to their classes as a podcast. Whether you’re in the car or on the run, the platform enables you to complete your class hours through listening. 

Money-back Guarantee

With a 30-day money-back “Ace or Don’t Pay Guarantee,” students can feel confident that they'll get their investment back if they don’t pass the exam. Considering plans start at $150, this can give peace of mind to those hesitant to spend the money. 

Aceable Agent Cons

The user interface of Aceable Agent can be hard to navigate for students that aren’t as tech-friendly or prefer a traditional, book-based class. 

Plus, without a note-taking system on the platform, students will have to write notes in a separate document or refer back to the course material as they study. 

Since Aceable Agent is a national platform, there are no San Francisco instructors to help guide students through their courses or connect them with local professionals. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Real Estate Schools in San Francisco

As you research which San Francisco real estate school is right for you, consider each program's reputation and expertise. CA Realty Training is consistently top-ranked and loved by students alike. 

With over 100 locations in California and over 2,000 five-star reviews, our program will help you ace your exam on the very first try. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today to get started with a career that can change your life.

TL:DR: CA Realty Training offers the best packages for people who want a quality pre-licensing education at a competitive price.

Dec 27, 2022
10 min