New Real Estate Agents: Use this Mindset

Karen D. Friedman
Feb 22, 2021
5 min

Mindset is everything.

A new real estate agent must adopt a mindset for success.

In fact, it's required to overcome those days where you don't want to leave your bed, make those phone calls, or knock on neighborhood doors. This is the mindset to get you in gear and start making positive changes in your career.

Adopting this mindset might not be easy but working on practicing this outlet will help you achieve success.

Adopting a Success Mindset for New Real Estate Agents

Having the right mindset will automatically set you up for success. Your thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on your productivity and your confidence.

When you first start out in your new career as an agent, your passion and excitement will absolutely be an asset. Although, most new agents fall prey to a negative mindset when initially confronted with adversity or rejection.

You may get discouraged at the first sign of difficulty.

We’re going to discuss how starting with the right frame of mind can help you with your real estate career.  We’ll talk about the do’s and don’ts to focus on. Implementing them will help to overcome the negativity that leads to career obstacles.

What NOT to Do as a New Real Estate Agent

Let start with a few basic things to avoid that seem obvious but are worth mentioning.


It sounds like a given, but we can sometimes default to this frame of mind without even realizing it. Negative thoughts and actions will lead to a negative business environment.

Another good tip – don’t surround yourself with negative people. Constant negative comments only serve to reinforce negative energy.


Remember, you got into real estate for a reason. You have a passion and an interest in it. You invested a lot of time and energy into getting your education and training for your real estate license. There is no reason for self-doubt.  

Self-doubt will only lead to low self-esteem and lessen your confidence. This can affect you physically and lower your energy as well. This will ultimately affect your ability to succeed.


You’re in a new field and it’s normal to have some insecurity when faced with the unknown. But if you keep telling yourself “I don’t think I can do this” then guess what? You won’t be able to do it. Don’t second guess yourself.

What to Focus on in Your First Real Estate Year

Successful people focus on the positive. Let’s talk about what you should focus on.


Things we think and say are often put into action. Confidence comes from within. So focus on what you do well and that confidence will get you through what may be difficult. If you are struggling, surround yourself with confident people. Let their success inspire you to do and be the same.  

Having confidence in yourself and what you do will be noticed by your clients as well. Confidence breeds trust and clients will believe in your capabilities as an agent.


In this business, you will have daily challenges. It’s very easy to let those obstacles get in the way of your success. Being solution-based will keep you in the right mindset. When you approach everything with the idea that it has a solution, it will allow you to stay optimistic.


Successful people know that continued success is centered around knowledge. Your learning doesn’t stop. In fact, it will continue and change throughout your career. The more you seek out how to grow and expand, the more successful you will be in getting to the next level.  

Do What Feels Good to You

Starting with the right mindset is crucial. Keeping it positive, can and will be, challenging at times. Seeking out positive resources and outlets will help you continue this practice.  

But keep in mind, everything has the potential to get you out of the right mindset if you don’t utilize it correctly. Your environment, people, and even yourself.

Let's take for example music. It’s a great resource to keep you motivated, pumped, and energetic while you work and play. But if you’re going for a run and you have ballads on your playlist, that will stop you right in your tracks.

Evaluate where you are working. Are you secluded at home? Change it up!  Being at your office around like-minded people will help you be successful. This will keep you engaged, focused, and encouraged to keep at it.  

Seek out networking groups where you can talk to people achieving at a high level in real estate. These can be both motivational and inspirational and are definitely a positive resource. Seminars are useful as well. But be wary of any that send a “get rich quick” message.

Final Thoughts on a New Real Estate Agent's Mindset

As you start your new venture into real estate, remember that you already possess everything you need to be successful. You simply need to tap into your confidence and ability to stay optimistic. Remember to be solution-based when confronted with adversity.

Strive to expand your knowledge and surround yourself with people who are operating at a higher level. This will lead to growth in yourself and your business.

Just as important, learn to identify when you are getting in your own way.  Be mindful when you are being negative or around negativity. Leave self-doubt and insecurities at the door. You can actively choose to shut out counterproductive thoughts.

When it comes down to it, your mindset controls your actions and your actions will determine if you are going to be a success or not.

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Karen D. Friedman
Feb 22, 2021
5 min