5 Mistakes that Can Lose Homebuyers

Sep 8, 2021
3 min

Working with buyers is a great time as a real estate agent. You get to see homes with excited people, you get to show them a place where their dreams can happen, and they are usually ecstatic when you successfully complete the purchase! However, not everything is easy when working with buyers. There are a number of mistakes that can be made when doing a listing presentation, from not connecting with your buyers to insulting their home. Today, we’ve compiled a list of the more common mistakes that new agents make. Don’t make these - these can cost you a buyer, and therefore a commission!

The common mistakes new real estate agents make can be remembered with the ‘5 Ps’:

Not being PREPARED

You have to be prepared as a real estate agent, or as any career! If you’re not
prepared, you’re not focused and thus buyers may lose trust in you. Be sure to be prepared with all of the information pertaining to the houses you are showing (like the routes to the house, how many bedrooms/baths, year built, etc.)


Don’t waste time, or stall time. If your buyers want a type of house that’s not on the market, try your best to go out and find what they are looking for. Be diligent and try to be the best agent you can be, for your clients, and for yourself. Being proactive requires hard focus and determination. Wasting time will only make you look sloppy and seem unreliable.


Mark Anthony said it best when he says, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” We completely agree! Love what you do and let the passion illuminate through you. Your clients will see this and feel good throughout the process. Think- emotional contagion. If you are passionate and radiate positive energy, your clients will feel positive and will want to purchase a property. If you do not seem passionate, you will seem like you don’t want to be there, and this will of course make you lose clients.


Presentation is everything in real estate. Well, not everything, but certainly a good percentage! As a real estate agent, you must dress professionally, speak professionally, have good hygiene, and generally take care of yourself! Even if you have to fake it -- fake it till you make it! Another key tip is to generally look good at all times, since you are technically always “on the clock” even when you’re not with clients. It all starts with being professional and looking polished. This is a business, after all, and people love professionalism.


It is important to remember that Real Estate is a people-business. You need to be approachable, likeable, personable. It is one of the biggest purchases and investments a homebuyer's life, and they'd want to make a connection with the agent selling them their home. If you come off as an intimidating person, people will be fearful and not want to approach you, and then how would you get clients? The best way to be personable to is to be yourself, and engage with your clients on a genuine level. The best way to get to know clients is by asking questions and by simply being yourself. Talk about your kids, your pets, your hobbies!

As a real estate agent, it is crucial to have characteristics that encompass the 5 Ps - Prepared, Proactive, Passionate, Professional, and Personable. These qualities will help get you clients and not lose out on commission!

Real Estate Agent and Trainer, Robert Rico, explains the 5 qualities real estate agents must have in order to NOT lose homebuyers. He describes these characteristic qualities as the '5 Ps.' Do you want to see more video blogs? Subscribe here!

Sep 8, 2021
3 min