9 Valuable Secrets for Showing Property as a Real Estate Agent

Karen D. Friedman
May 4, 2021
8 min

Congratulations, you have buyers! 

They’re motivated and excited to go house hunting. Before you just pile everyone in a car and hit the ground running, take a moment. 

You want to do this the right way. 

What’s the biggest secret to success in real estate? Being prepared! So, how do you prepare for buyers to be shown properties? 

There are a few things you need to consider to make the process more seamless and convenient.

We’re going to discuss the 9 tips to help you effectively show properties.

#1 Research the Properties

Before you take your clients out to preview homes, do the research. Research the properties the day before taking your clients out to ensure that you have the latest listings. 

If you research these properties too far in advance, these homes may have already been sold. 

Especially if it’s in an area that is high in demand.

You don’t want to disappoint your clients by presenting any properties that are no longer available. Not being prepared will leave your buyer uncertain that you are a capable and professional real estate agent.

#2 Know the Routes

Make sure you know the route to the properties. How embarrassing would it be to get lost on your way there?

Do a test run. 

It’s a good idea to drive the routes to all the listings the day before you show the property to your clients. If there is construction or an unforeseen road closure you can prepare to alter your route. 

It makes it easier for when the time comes and proves that you are an area specialist.

Use the navigation on your phone or in your car to plan the order that you’ll be seeing the homes. It will maximize how many properties you can see in one day and be more time-efficient. 

If you are not taking your client in your car, you can share the directions with them.

#3 Have Your Buyer Information Packet Ready

Have your buyer’s packet printed and ready when you meet with your client. This way you and your client will be able to reference the same information when previewing homes.

The buyer packet is a list of all the properties that you will preview that day. It will list all the pertinent information about each property. This includes the price, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, and the square footage.

Your buyer can take notes directly on their packet. If they are viewing multiple homes on one day, this will make it easy for your buyer to remember what they may have liked or disliked about each of the properties.

#4 Make Yourself Known When Entering Properties

It’s important to keep safety in mind for both you and your client. Make it a habit to announce yourself when entering a property. Don’t assume that no one is home, even if you ring the doorbell or knock and no one answers.

There may be instances where someone may still be on the property at the time of your arrival. Announcing your presence will make sure you don’t alarm anyone or take them by surprise. 

This will also help you avoid any awkward encounters.

While not common, occasionally a transient or homeless person can be in the property. Especially if the home has been on the market for a while and is known to be vacant. The practice of announcing yourself will ensure your safety.

#5 Bring the Right Real Estate Equipment

To keep a home, REALTORS® use a lockbox to gain access. Every opening is documented so that all parties know who accessed the property. Each real estate agent will have their own passcode that they will enter. 

A lockbox is a container that holds a house key. Only real estate agents who are members of the local real estate board will have the ability to enter the home by using this lockbox. 

Typically, a real estate agent will sync their phone to a lockbox so they can put in their pin. Although this will depend on the type of lockbox being used. Sometimes the listing agent will require an additional code to gain access, so be prepared. 

It is very unprofessional when you can’t open the lockbox to retrieve the house key. Make sure you are thoroughly reading the property showing instructions and get all the information ahead of time.

In general, be sure that everything you are using to conduct your real estate business is working. Whether it’s your lockbox, your cell phone, or your car be as prepared as you can for a trouble-free experience.

#6 Wear Your Consulting Hat

It’s important to shift your focus once you enter the property. You don’t need to be a salesman once you’re in the house. Let the house sell itself! Let your client form their own first impression on whether it will be a good fit for them.

Instead, give your client advice and your opinions on the home based on what you know they are looking for. Again, buying a home can be a very emotional experience. Many buyers may have trouble determining if a particular home will suit their family. 

Be attentive to their comments and assist them with their decision. This can also help you identify other properties if you need to do another round of previewing homes. After all, that’s what you’re there for.

#7 Keep Them Moving

While it’s important to make sure that your buyer takes their time while previewing the home, sometimes they will tend to linger in one area of the house. 

There is no need to rush them, but provide a gentle reminder to keep them moving from one room to another. You want to make sure they are leaving themselves enough time to see the rest of the house. Remember, you’re on a schedule and it is important to be, and stay, on time.

If you are seeing multiple homes in one day, it may be helpful to estimate how much time can be spent in each home. This way you can remind your buyers as well during each appointment.

#8 Leave Everything Just How it Was

Before you leave, make sure the property is left exactly how you found it when you arrived. 

For example, a popular area for buyers is the kitchen. It is not uncommon for buyers to open and close items to check on their condition. Make sure all the cabinets and drawers are closed. If they opened the refrigerator, make sure that the door was closed properly.

Do a sweep of the entire house. Make sure if any items were picked up, that they were placed back in their original position. Check that if any windows, room doors, or fences were opened that they are now closed and secure.

#9 Review and Follow Up

After you’ve shown all the properties, take the time to sit with your clients. This is an opportunity to discuss the properties they have seen. Review the notes that your client took to understand what they liked and didn’t like. 

You may find that your buyer has zeroed in on the perfect property and is ready to call it “home.” There is no need to hesitate if they are interested in making an offer. Always have a copy of the contract available with you to get the process started. 

This is especially important if the property is in high demand and has other interested buyers. 

Remind your clients that there is a lack of inventory in today’s real estate market. It’s in their best interest not to delay and move forward in submitting an offer.

If they weren’t interested in any of the properties that were shown to them on that day, there is no need to worry. Purchasing a home is a huge decision and it may be necessary to take your clients out to preview homes more than once. 

Be proactive and schedule a new time to preview more homes. 

Final Thoughts on Showing Property

Buying a home is not only a big investment financially, but emotionally. So, it’s no surprise that previewing homes has the potential to turn into a stressful ordeal. Not only for both your buyer, but for you. You can avoid this with a little preparation. 

A lot of a buyer’s worry and emotion tend to come from not knowing what to expect or not being in control of the situation. Address those concerns by informing your buyer about the process and arming them with information.

By following these 9 tips for showing property, you can be a more efficient and effective real estate agent. Your buyer will feel they are incapable and reassuring hands. This will lead to happy buyers becoming happy homeowners.

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Karen D. Friedman
May 4, 2021
8 min