Real Estate School: What is it?

Apr 6, 2020
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Real estate school enrollment is required for anyone seeking their real estate salesperson license. In other words, you must complete the prerequisite courses in an accredited real estate school to become a real estate agent.

For a lot of people, real estate school is an exciting opportunity to prepare for a real estate agent career. This stepping stone is needed for many to achieve their dream job that gives them the freedom to earn as much as they want, be their own boss, and exercise their entrepreneurship spirit all while helping people. When done right, real estate school is the foundational learning ground for a successful career.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about enrolling in a California real estate school. So, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is real estate school?

What is Real Estate School?

A California real estate school is an accredited academic institution that teaches students the prerequisite educational material to be eligible to apply to take the California Real Estate Salesperson License State Exam. That’s a mouth full. In short, real estate school gives you the required coursework to take the state exam and get your real estate license. California requires students to complete the following courses:

  • Real Estate Practice
  • Real Estate Principles
  • One elective course

Students have several options to choose from when picking an elective course. The selection includes:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Legal Aspects
  • Economics
  • Office Administration
  • Appraisal

You can read more about each real estate elective course, here.

These courses make up the core curriculum created by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), and they contain the fundamental topics students must learn to become proficient real estate agents. The California Real Estate Salesperson State Exam questions are designed around the topics and terminology discussed in these courses.

When students pass the final exam in their real estate courses, they will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate proof that the student has enrolled and completed the course, which is needed to take the California Real Estate Salesperson State Exam.

That’s why enrolling in an accredited real estate school is not only paramount to your success as a real estate agent but a requirement. You can have a different experience depending on what type of programs you choose: online or in-class.

Real Estate School Online or In-Class

There are two unique ways you can enroll in a real estate school. Depending on the institution you enroll in, you can choose from an online or in-class experience. Each comes with their own unique benefits.

Online Real Estate School

You should make your decision based on what you’re looking for as a real estate school student. Online school provides students with the required educational material needed to be qualified to take the real estate salesperson state exam. Online real estate school gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace.

However, per DRE requirements, students cannot complete their coursework in no less than 54 days. With the opportunity to learn at your own pace and from anywhere with a WiFi connection, online real estate school becomes an ideal option for people on the go or have difficulty making in-class training. Depending on the type of real estate school, the in-class training can be a fulfilling educational experience that will prepare students for a successful career in real estate.

In-Class Real Estate School

Students will not only learn the required course material but they can ask vital questions to the real estate instructor, preparing them for their future careers. CA Realty Training provides students with supplemental, career building educational material that is geared to give them a running start in their real estate careers.

Every in-class and live webinar session is led by a hand picked real estate trainer with veteran level experience in their field. This is the extra perk that students get when they enroll in a CA Realty Training in-class or live webinar training. Now that we know what to expect and what real estate is, how do you enroll?

How to Enroll in Real Estate School

Enrolling into a real estate school is simple. The first thing you must learn is what you want from a real estate education. Conduct research on the best programs available to you so you can get exactly what you want out of the experience.

Choosing a program that is simple and that has a student services team is imperative for a positive experience in any real estate school. Of course, we encourage you to pursue our program and the benefits you receive from it.

To enroll, you must be at least 18 years old.

How to Use a Real Estate License

The goal of enrolling in real estate school is to earn a real estate license. Most people who want a real estate license plan on becoming a real estate agent, but that isn’t the only path license holders have. There are plenty of alternative career options available for people who have real estate license.

You can use a real estate license in a few different ways. When people think of a real estate agent, they imagine a full-time salesperson. In reality, you can be a part-time salesperson or you can keep the license in your back pocket until you know someone who wants to sell or buy a home, while working a full-time job.

Owning a real estate license is a simple way to make a lot of money when you feel like working towards it. It’s an opportunity that is open to you when you want it. Some people choose to make a lifestyle change into a full-time real estate agent, while others transition into this career from their current full-time job by working as a real estate agent part-time. Then there are some people who will work as a real estate agent whenever inspiration calls. You can use a real estate agent license whenever and however you want. That’s one of the perks of owning a license.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate School

From enrolling in real estate school to using your real estate license, you have complete control over your time investment. You can enroll in a real estate school and work at your own leisure then use your license when you feel inspired or you can use your real estate school experience to learn as much as you can to earn a successful career and undergo your dream lifestyle change into a full-time real estate agent. The choice of how you use these resources is your own.

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Apr 6, 2020
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