How to Apply for the Florida Real Estate Exam

Apr 18, 2022
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Before you become a real estate agent in Florida, you have to apply for the Florida state exam.

Only after you pass the exam will you be rewarded your real estate license.

So, how do you apply to the Florida real estate exam?

This article is your guide on what you need to do to apply for the exam and which forms to include in your application.

Let's show you everything you need to know about your application.

What are the Florida Real Estate Exam Requirements?

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to take the Florida Real Estate Exams:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • U.S. Social Security Number
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Completed an accredited pre-licensing program or 4-years degree or higher in real estate

All of these requirements are important to be eligible to take the real estate exam in Florida.

After meeting these requirements, you’re ready to put together and submit your Florida real estate exam application.

What Do You Include in Your Exam Application?

Your Florida real estate exam application should include the following:

  • Completed exam application (DBPR RE1 form)
  • Copy of your livescan fingerprint paperwork
  • Check of $83.75 made to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

You will have to fill in all the necessary details about yourself and your application in the form. You also have to provide necessary background information about yourself.

What is a Live Scan Fingerprint?

A live scan fingerprint is an ink plotted copy of your fingerprint. This is official government documentation that is used to identify any criminal history. 

You can do it from any accredited Livescan vendors. 

You can choose to have your fingerprints taken by Pearson VUE, the same company that administers the exam.

Bring these Documents on the Day of Your Exam

At the venue of the exam, you will be required to bring some important documents as part of your exam application. 

You need two forms of identification: 

  • Government issued photo I.D. (Driver’s License)
  • Your course certificates of completion

How Do You Submit Your Florida Real Estate Exam Application?

After completing your real estate exam application, the next thing to do is to submit it to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 

There are two available means through which you can submit your Florida real estate exam application.

Through the Online Portal

You can complete and submit your real estate exam application via the DMPR’s online portal. All you have to do is create a new account, follow the necessary prompts and complete your application for a new license.

By Mail

If you choose to submit your application by mail, you have to send your completed application, documentation, and required fees to this address:

Department of Business and Professional Regulation
2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

When mailing your application, package documents into a large manilla envelope, which you can get at any post office. Don’t forget to use a paperclip to collate the documents!

How Long Does it Take the FDBPR to Process Your Application?

The FDBPR has a maximum of 90 days to complete the entire review and processing of license applications. 

However, for real estate license applications, it typically takes them about 10 to 30 days to review and process the application.

While you are waiting, you can take a real estate exam prep course to help you study for the big test. You can do this by taking practice exams and reviewing important concepts and terminology. 

Focus on a select number of tests that reflect the style of the exam. This will help to test and help you assess your level of preparation for the examination.

Where Do You Take the Florida Real Estate Licensing Exam?

The Florida real estate licensing exam is administered by Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE offers several testing centers where you can schedule your date and time to take the exam. 

You can schedule a date and time for your test on the Pearson VUE website or via 888-204-6289 once the FDBPR approves your application.

Take the Florida Real Estate Exam Online

Pearson VUE also allows scheduling a remotely proctored exam. This is an online version of the exam that can be taken at home. 

If you choose to take the remotely proctored online exam, there are some requirements you have to meet. You need a functioning laptop or home computer with:

  • A microphone
  • Webcam, and 
  • A strong and stable internet connection

Before you eventually write your exam, you will have to run a system test on your computer. 

This is to check the compatibility of your computer with the software Pearson VUE uses in administering the exam.

What is the Passing Rate for the Florida Real Estate Exam?

Generally speaking, the passing rate for the Florida real estate exam is somewhere between 50% and 60%. 

This implies that the test can be somewhat tough, however, regardless of this fact, you can pass the test if you study and prepare accordingly. 

To pass, you have to score at least 70% in the Florida real estate exam. If you fail the test on the first trial, you will be allowed to take a second attempt the test within 30 days and 1 year after the original test. 

Keep in mind, that the second test will not be the same as the first test – no memorizing the answers!

Final Thoughts on Applying for the Florida Real Estate Exam

The real estate exam requires a handful of documentation from you – some of which you might have never heard of before.

That’s why it’s important to make a checklist and to take your time collecting everything you need. By creating a list, you can make sure nothing is missing when you apply to the exam.

TL;DR: When you finish your pre-licensing education, you have to submit a completed DBPR RE1 form to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Then, you can schedule your exam date and time. After that, make sure you bring your pre-licensing education certificates to the exam center to show as proof of completion. All that's left is to pass the exam. Good luck!

Apr 18, 2022
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