5 Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents

May 10, 2022
4 min

To become a successful real estate agent, you don’t need to close the biggest million-dollar listing (it couldn’t hurt, though!) Success isn’t based on a real estate agent's salary. To thrive, you’ll have to do more than finding real estate for sale.

You have to focus on the fundamentals that make you an unstoppable agent.

These are the foundational elements that make up a successful agent's professionalism and work ethic. In other words, success is more than just dollar signs.

Here are the characteristics of successful real estate agents:

Motivation and Passion

Real estate motivational quotes can only go so far. There’s a number of ways to keep yourself pumped up to work every day. One of the best ways is to keep an open mind about your career.

Staying open-minded is the best way to invite opportunity into your life.

In real estate, you experience hurdles that will ruin your momentum to grow. Trying new strategies to sell a home or to market your services will help you maintain a competitive edge amongst others.

Adopting new, inventive ways to conduct business will not only help feed your open-mindedness, but it will help you build passion.

When you’re passionate about your career, you’ll naturally find yourself motivated to excel.

Staying Active

Agents who are active in their careers will, sooner or later, find success. When you put in the extra work and go beyond what is expected, your success doesn’t become a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.”

Here’s why going that extra mile in your career will always lead to success:

Whether you’re negotiating for your client or - literally - going the extra distance to attend a real estate class, you’re showing people you have an excellent work ethic.

This will make you adopt the reputation of being a hard worker. When people hear you take yourself seriously, they’ll be more likely to work with you. It will also keep you from slacking off in your career.

You’re your own boss in real estate, so you have to hold yourself to higher standards.

This is why discipline and commitment play a big role in your success.

Discipline and Commitment

To stay disciplined and committed in your career, you - simply - can’t give up. That’s easier written than done. You need to go through the daily work, always be networking, and choose to work when others aren’t.

Commitment to maintaining an excellent quality of work is also an important part of being a real estate agent. Some people cut corners or practice unethical behavior.

When you practice unethical behavior, people will have a negative opinion about you. Nothing is worse for your success than a bad reputation.

Always stay disciplined to do the work and stay committed to doing it with excellence.

Keep Current with Real Estate Trends

The real estate industry is always changing. That’s why staying updated on trends, news, and practices is the best way to remain a cutting-edge real estate agent.

Having sharp, updated information about markets, the economy, and the greater industry will keep you competitive. You will never be out of the loop and run the risk of being an obsolete real estate agent.

You will also have the authority and knowledge to help you excel in your real estate career.

Changing Your Frame of Mind

The final step is to change your frame of mind. Instead of listening to the inner monologue that makes you second guess yourself, remind yourself that you can achieve success as a real estate agent.

Whenever you have the thought “What if I can’t do it?” remember to ask yourself “What if I can do it?”

Taking the time to change your mindset will give you the confidence you need to close deals, negotiate, and find leads.

Final Thoughts on What Makes a Successful Real Estate Agent

The successful real estate agent doesn’t become successful by hacking the system or practicing unethical work behavior. They become successful by choosing to go the extra mile because they feel passionate about their career.

This is an internal change that everyone has to go through in order to become lucrative in their career. You can start becoming successful today by adopting these characteristics.

TL;DR: To become a successful real estate agent, you have to practice what makes other agents successful. That means, stay motivation, be active in your work, and stay the course with discipline. You should also know the current market trends and change your frame of mind from one that expects to defeat to one that expects success.

May 10, 2022
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4 min