6 Best Real Estate Schools in Sacramento, California 2023

Dec 27, 2022
12 min

Are you looking for a pre-licensing real estate program in Sacramento? As you prepare to get your real estate license, finding the best real estate school that fits your learning needs and preferences is crucial to your success. 

With several programs available, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. There are online options for students who prefer flexibility, in-person classes for those who value a traditional setting, and then there’s the choice between a local or national program.

We researched the schools with the most Google reviews in Sacramento and compiled a list of the best of the best to help you pick where to get your pre-licensing education. 

#1. CA Realty Training (75 Google Reviews)

With 75 Google reviews and a 5.0 ranking, CA Realty Training comes in at number one on the best real estate schools in Sacramento list. Our students rave about their engaging trainers, easy-to-understand content, and responsive customer service. 

Additionally, with offices all over California, we have classrooms throughout Sacramento. 

Here is what one of our students loved about our Sacramento classes:

Stephen T Webb is a great teacher with a great teaching course. Answers questions thoroughly making the subjects easy to understand. The course is well put together and explained in a way that also uses real world scenarios as an example to what certain things would be like in practice. Overall a great and interactive learning environment that was also very informative and easy to comprehend.
Ethan Hawley

CA Realty Training Pros

Free Content

CA Realty Training has thousands of hours of free content on our popular YouTube channel. Our videos range from state exam prep, actionable career advice, and interviews with real estate leaders. Our website’s blog also has tons of helpful content to launch a successful career.

But our free material doesn’t end there. With our three-day free trial, you can test out our online portal to see the engaging pre-licensing educational material you’ll receive as a student.

We also offer a free introductory class for students who want to sample our live and interactive training program while learning more about the process to obtain a California real estate license. 

This is a fantastic way to see if becoming a real estate agent is right for you and the best part is, it’s risk-free – no credit card needed.

A Wide Variety Of Class Formats

With three different class formats, CA Realty Training has something for every student – no matter their learning style. With recorded video lectures, live sessions (both online and in-person), or online only, students can pick a pre-licensing program that best fits their learning preference.

From evenings and weekends to morning weekday classes, we offer several different live training sessions led by expert real estate professionals. This gives you the flexibility you need to fit your pre-licensing education in a schedule that works for you.

Convenient Locations In Sacramento For In-Person Learning

With four locations in the Sacramento area, a CA Realty Training location is never far away. We have offices in South Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, and Natomas, ensuring you won’t need to go out of your way to attend a class in-person.

If you can’t make it to a class in-person, you can still enroll in our video or live webinar program to get the classroom experience from anywhere.

Knowledgeable Instructors

Our students constantly rave in our Google Reviews about the engaging and knowledgeable trainers. With years of real estate experience, our trainers are skilled at providing real-life examples and easily guiding students through their exam prep. 

Also, our trainers’ cumulative years of experience surpass that of any other program in Sacramento, which means we have one of the largest wells of real estate knowledge in the city. 

Interactive Student Portal By Students, For Students

Our intuitive online portal is designed to make learning easy. With eBooks, flashcards, practice quizzes, interactive videos, and more, our platform is unparalleled and constantly improving based on feedback from our students and trainers.

You also get detailed graphs and charts that show how your quiz and test scores improve over time. No other school takes learning to this level. Take a peek yourself!

Classes For Every Stage Of Your Career

Whether you’re starting your real estate career or need to fulfill your continuing education requirement, CA Realty Training has a course for you. 

We offer several different levels of courses depending on where you’re at in your career, such as pre-licensing education, state exam prep, continuing education, or broker pre-licensing education.

No other program offers this many real estate education packages in the city.

Support When You Need It

CA Realty Training has a student advisors team dedicated to helping you through each step of your licensing journey. Students can also email our certified lead instructor with questions about the course material for additional help.

Our support doesn’t stop once you pass your exam — CA Realty Training will also help you connect with one of our brokerage partners to get your career started the moment you get your real estate license. That’s an added perk that is not offered by other schools.

CA Realty Training Cons

No program is perfect, but we believe the pros outweigh any cons for CA Realty Training. With over 2,000 five-star reviews throughout California, we work hard to ensure our students are pleased with their experience. 

While we’re not the most expensive option, we believe we provide the best value. No matter your financial situation, we offer a great payment plan through PayPal to ensure everyone can benefit from our training. 

#2. Accredited Real Estate School (13 Google Reviews)

Accredited Real Estate School is a long-time staple in the Sacramento area for real estate classes. Founded in 1995, they’re a local option that offers salesperson and broker licensing exam prep. 

While they offer an extensive catalog of free online content, they also offer in-person classroom options for those who prefer a traditional learning environment. 

With 13 Google reviews and a 4.7 rating, they are ranked second on our list of best real estate schools in the Sacramento area. 

If you live in the Sacramento area and want to pass you(r) licensing exam for California you should most definitely use Accredited!  Great teachers, great content, so many Practice quiz options. If you do what they tell you to do you will pass the exam for sure. Thank you accredited for helping me pass on the first try!
Melanie Kimmelman

Accredited Real Estate School Pros

In-Person Classroom Options

As a local educational company, Accredited Real Estate School offers in-person classroom options for students who prefer learning from an instructor live. 

These classes are taught by local real estate professionals and take place in the evenings during the week, with some weekend options as well. 

Sample Video Content

If you’re interested in sampling the school's online video style first, you can take a look at their YouTube page, where they have a free sample of their 18-hour exam prep video. 

This can help prospective students determine if they’d benefit from the school's online classes or would prefer in-person. 

Decades Of Experience With Students

Accredited Real Estate School has provided unique exam prep material since its founding in 1995. With over 60,000 graduates, the school has a large cohort of licensed alumni. 

Accredited Real Estate School Cons

While they have in-person learning options, Accredited Real Estate School is located in Fair Oaks, which is a long drive from the Sacramento area. 

Additionally, their most basic online package starts at $169, with their lowest-level classroom program starting at $399. At this price, they are one of the more expensive real estate pre-licensing options in Sacramento. 

#3. Select School of Real Estate (4 Google Reviews)

With a 5.0 rating and four reviews, the Select School of Real Estate is third on our list of best real estate schools in the Sacramento area. 

While there is little information on their website about their real estate licensing program, the Select Group has over 1,200 real estate professionals associated with their real estate group. 

Student Testimonial: Jodi is Amazing! She’s patient, she cares, and she is highly knowledgeable! Love her Instruction!
Juan Martinez

Select School of Real Estate Pros

Locally founded in the Lake Tahoe region in 1982, Select Group has decades of expertise in California. 

The real estate group is also constantly ranked as a Top Performer with its large group of real estate agents, however this does not speak for their pre-licensing education program. 

Select School of Real Estate Cons

There needs to be more information included on their website about their program, leaving prospective students to reach out to learn more. Without a clear website, it’s hard to gauge how their pre-licensing program works or how students can sign up for it. While Select Group has been around for decades, it didn’t expand to Sacramento until 2020.

#4. Kaplan Real Estate Education (1 Google Review)

As a leading national provider of pre-licensing education, Kaplan Real Estate is a well-known name for online real estate classes. They have a robust learning platform with the power of a national support network. 

With only one Sacramento review, they come in at number four on our list of best real estate schools in the area. 

Student Testimonial: Kaplan classes hosted by the Rick Fuller Team were great. I'm thinking about changing careers and I really appreciated the support from the class host and other students. I would recommend this course to anyone who's thinking about going into real estate.
Vincente Morales

Kaplan Real Estate Education Pros

National Platform

Kaplan is a widely-recognized real estate program that is nationally known. As such, they have a robust collection of learning material that is constantly being updated and improved upon. 

An online platform allows students to study and practice at their own pace, providing added flexibility for those with a busy schedule. 

Added Career Launcher Program

If students want to make the most of their Kaplan courses, they can pay to add on a “Career Launcher” upgrade. 

This package gives students access to a live virtual study group with other students and connects them with a virtual career mentor who can help them with real-world real estate questions. 

Multiple Online Formats

While Kaplan doesn’t offer in-person classroom instruction, they do offer multiple online formats for students to pick from. They offer textbook study material, on-demand video packages, and live online classroom instruction for those looking for more interaction. 

With a wide range of formats, students can decide what kind of online learning program is best for them. 

Kaplan Real Estate Education Cons

Kaplan Real Estate may present challenges for students that aren’t as technologically savvy, because their user interface isn’t as intuitive as other platforms. Some students also reported poor video quality. 

Additionally, as a national company, their local connections are limited for students looking to network or build relationships in Sacramento, which could hinder the success of students when they start their career. 

#5. Access License Schools (0 Google Reviews) 

As a locally-owned educational program, Access License Schools offers strictly online classes for real estate or broker’s licensing programs. While they don’t have any Google reviews, they have been around since 1975 and provide home study courses for students. 

Access License Schools Pros


With their packages starting at only $79, they are one of the most affordable pre-licensing options for students in Sacramento. 

Additionally, when you buy their pre-license course package for $179, you also get their crash course exam prep for free. However, students do not receive as many perks as they do in other programs at these price points.

Money-Back Guarantee

With over 40 years of educational programs, Access License Schools have been around for decades, helping students get their real estate licenses. 

They're so confident in their program that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days or if you don’t pass your exam on the first try. 

Qualified Online Instructors

As you go through Access License Schools’ program, you can employ the help of licensed real estate instructors to answer your questions. This added local touch could help you with any California-specific real estate question you might have as you study. 

Access License Schools Cons

While Access License Schools have been around for nearly four decades, it’s difficult to find what students have thought of the program due to their lack of public testimonials or reviews. 

Additionally, their salesperson online crash course appears outdated, which might cause concern if practices, regulations, or laws have changed recently.

#6. Devlin Real Estate School (0 Google Reviews)

Another local Sacramento option is Devlin Real Estate School. Founded by top local agent Michael Devlin, this school only offers online webinar-style classes every week. 

They are number six on our top real estate schools in Sacramento because they have zero Google reviews and because of the following:

Devlin Real Estate School Pros

Free Guest Lesson

If you’re interested in checking out Devlin Real Estate School’s learning style, you can check out their free guest lesson on their website. By filling out a form, you can sit on a webinar class to see if you like their format and instructor. 

Live Online Classes Every Week

According to their website, Devlin Real Estate School has regularly scheduled live webinar classes every week, giving students a structured and specific time to take their pre-licensing coursework. 

Free Career Session

If you’re unsure if real estate is a good fit for you, you can attend Michael Devlin’s free career webinar to learn more about the day in the life of a realtor. 

He’ll walk you through how to launch a successful career and share his experience over the last 20 years of working in real estate. 

Devlin Real Estate School Cons

Despite being locally owned and operated, Devlin Real Estate School doesn’t offer any in-person classes for students looking for a traditional classroom setting. 

Their online courses also require students to log in at a specific time every week, giving less flexibility to students who prefer to go at their own pace. 

Honorable Mention: The CE Shop (online)

The CE Shop is a well-respected national brand that offers real estate pre-licensing coursework in 41 states, making it widely used. Their self-paced curriculum and affordable pricing make them a popular choice for students who want a national program.

The CE Shop Pros


The CE Shop’s pricing is one of the most competitive, with California packages starting at $129. They also offer military discounts to active duty members and their families. 


Though they don’t have a mobile app, students can complete all of CE Shop’s classes online. If students want to complete their coursework while they’re out and about, they can utilize this mobile-friendly option.

Flexible curriculum

Since all of the courses from the CE Shop are self-paced, students have no pressure to complete a course in a certain time or adhere to a specific timeline. This added flexibility allows students to complete the courses at their own pace.

The CE Shop Cons

While the CE Shop offers customer service seven days a week, if students have questions about specific course material, they might need to wait two days for an answer from the curriculum team. 

As a national company, they need more resources to offer students personalized help from a local real estate expert. Plus, students who prefer a traditional classroom setting should look elsewhere, as they only offer online options. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Real Estate Schools in Sacramento 

Getting your real estate license is not only a major time commitment — it’s also an investment in your future. Set yourself up for success and ensure you’re picking the right school for your learning style. 

At CA Realty Training, our top-ranked programs are available year-round and taught by industry-leading professionals who are there to help you start your career. Looking to learn more? Contact us today to get started!

TL;DR: With the most positive reviews and the best program at the most competitive price, CA Realty Training is our top pick for pre-licensing education in the Sacramento area.

Dec 27, 2022
12 min