How to Get a Florida Real Estate License

Apr 13, 2022
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Florida is the third-most populous state in the United States and is an excellent location for real estate professionals to build a career. 

To work as a real estate agent in Florida, one of the baseline requirements is a real estate license. 

To get one, you have to meet the necessary requirements, complete a real estate coursework, and pass the real estate exam. 

Follow this through to get all the details you need to set you on the right track to becoming a real estate agent in Florida. 

Getting Your Florida Real Estate License in 5 Easy Steps

There are 5 easy steps you can follow to get your real estate license and become a real estate agent in Florida. Here are the steps to follow:

#1. Meet the Basic Florida Requirements

There are requirements set by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation to be eligible to become a real estate agent in Florida. 

You must meet these requirements to be eligible to take the exams and they include the following:

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • A high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Have a United States Social Security Number

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation set these requirements in a bid to ensure that the high standards and integrity of the real estate industry in Florida are maintained.

#2. Enroll in an Accredited Florida Real Estate School

After meeting the basic requirements for the real estate exam, you can proceed to enroll in the pre-license education program. 

This entails compulsory 63-hour coursework for real estate agents administered by accredited Florida Real Estate Schools. 

The course covers everything students need to become real estate agents and pass their real estate licensing exam. The topics covered include:

  • The foundations of the real estate business
  • Real estate regulations and statutes
  • Real property laws
  • Real estate contracts
  • Financing options and mortgages

The topics covered in the coursework are provided by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). You must pass the unit exam for this course by at least 70% to proceed with the next stage. 

The certificate you receive on completion of this course is valid for 2 years and you have to apply, write and pass the real estate exam within this time frame.

#3. Apply to the Florida Real Estate Exam

The next thing to do is to apply to take the Florida real estate exam. To apply, you have to fill out the DBPR RE1 form

You can submit your application via the online portal or send a printable copy via mail to the Florida DBPR. Your application should get approved within 10 to 30 days. 

Once it is approved, you will be notified via email with an ID number to schedule a time and location for your exam with Pearson Vue. 

Keep in mind that you will also have to submit your fingerprints. These can be taken at any accredited Livescan vendor including Pearson Vue.

#4. Pass the Florida Real Estate Exam

The final obstacle to getting your Florida real estate license is studying for and passing the real estate exam. You can choose to take it at any Pearson Vue center or from home. 

You have 3 hours and 30 minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. You have to score 70% to pass the exam.

The pass rate for the exam is about 50% to 60% meaning it is a somewhat tough one. However, if you prepare and practice well, you can ace the exam in your first sitting. If you are unable to pass the exam at your first sitting, you can retake the exam within a day and a year after your first sitting.

#5. Sign with a Florida Brokerage

Once you pass the exam, you will get a copy of your real estate license. You have to activate your license by submitting another application that has been filled out by a broker of your choice. 

To get an interview, you just have to contact the brokerage, inform them about being a newly licensed agent, and that you will like to work with them. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Florida Real Estate License?

The entire process of getting a Florida real estate license as a real estate agent takes anywhere between about one to two months on average. 

There is the compulsory 63-hour pre-license course, which may take some students a few weeks to complete. 

It may take some others a few months depending on their levels of commitment.

After completing the coursework, students will have to spend some time finding a broker to sponsor them, go through the license application process, have their application approved, then write and pass the exam.

How Much Does a Florida Real Estate License Cost?

Getting a real estate license will require both money and time. 

At the end of it all, any intending real estate agent in Florida will spend about $400 to $500 to get their real estate license.

Here is a breakdown of these costs:

  • The cost of the pre-licensing exam coursework can be as low as $80. This depends on the school, however, on average, the cost ranges between $245 to $400
  • The application fee costs $89
  • The licensing exam fees for real estate agents cost $36.75
  • There is also the cost of fingerprinting which costs around $57. However, it may slightly vary from one provider to another.

Should You Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida?

Being a real estate agent can be very fulfilling and financially rewarding. However, it does require putting in the work. 

You would also need a lot of commitment and diligence to succeed in this field. 

You will need to learn how to promote yourself, track leads, handle complex paperwork and relate with customers as real estate is a people-focused business. 

If this sounds like an interesting challenge, then you should consider becoming a real estate agent.

Final Thoughts on Getting Your License in Florida to Become a Real Estate Agent

Starting a career in the Florida real estate industry can be pretty challenging, however, you can scale through every requirement with enough gusto. 

Just ensure that you follow the five easy steps that have been outlined, and this would position you on the right track to begin making major waves as a real estate agent in Florida.

TL;DR: Getting a real estate license and become a real estate agent in Florida requires 5 steps: meet the basic requirements, complete your pre-licensing education, apply to the real estate exam, pass the exam, and sign with a Florida real estate brokerage.

Apr 13, 2022
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