How to Get a Georgia Real Estate License

Apr 25, 2022
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Since 2010, one of the fastest-growing states in terms of real estate has been Georgia. This makes it one of the most promising markets for real estate agents and brokers. 

However, to become a real estate agent in Georgia, you need to get a real estate license. 

The rules for getting a real estate license in Georgia mandate that you have to be 18 years or older, have a high school or an equivalent diploma, complete the pre-license education, undergo a background check, and pass the Georgia salesperson licensing exam.

Getting Your Georgia Real Estate License in 6 Easy Steps

While the process to become a real estate agent is similar in most states, each state has its unique steps that must be adhered to. Here are the five steps to follow to become a real estate agent in Georgia:

#1. Meet the Basic Georgia Requirements

The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) has set certain requirements you have to meet to be eligible to be a real estate agent:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • High school education or equivalent
  • Have an SSN or IDTIN

#2. Enroll in an Accredited Georgia Real Estate School

To get your real estate license, you have to sign up for and complete a compulsory 75-hour pre-licensing coursework. You can take this course at any approved real estate school in Georgia. 

It takes about 2 to 6 weeks for the average student to complete this coursework. There is the option to take the course online and that allows you to learn at your own pace.

The course covers:

  • A real estate market overview
  • Commission regulations and license law
  • State and Federal real estate laws (comprising the Fair Housing Act)
  • Activities and procedures in real estate brokerages 
  • Mortgage types
  • Property rights for timesharing, cooperatives, and condominiums
  • Legal descriptions and contracts in Real Estate
  • Violations and penalties associated with license law
  • Appraisals in real estate
  • Tenancies and estates 
  • Real estate taxes 
  • Commercial brokerage and property investing
  • Understanding deeds, titles, as well as ownership restrictions
  • Closing real estate transactions

You will not be required to take this course if you have completed 10 quarter hours or 6 semester hours of either eligible real estate coursework or courses in principles, fundamentals, or essentials of real estate from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college, university, or law school.

#3. Apply to the Georgia Real Estate Exam

Once you successfully pass your coursework, your real estate school will send a notification to PSI, the company that administers the Georgia real estate exams. 

After which you will be able to register for and schedule your exam. You can do this online via or by phone at (800) 345-6559.

Once you submit your application, the GREC will request your fingerprints and conduct a background check. 

This is important for the GREC so that they have all the necessary and up-to-date information they need about you. 

#4. Pass the Georgia Real Estate Exam

Next, you must pass the Georgia real estate exam. The exam has 152 multiple-choice questions and a time limit of 4 hours. 

There are also two parts: the National and State portions. The national portion has 100 questions and you must get at least 75 of them right. The second portion contains 52 state-specific questions and you need to correctly answer at least 39 questions.

The Georgia real estate exam has a 60% passing rate. You can increase your chances of passing by studying and using an exam prep package.

Once you successfully pass the Georgia real estate exam, you have to apply for your license within the following 12 months. If you fail to do that, you will have to take the exam again. 

#5. Sign with a Georgia Brokerage

After obtaining your license, you need a brokerage in Georgia to sponsor you. 

You can easily search for one on the internet and contact them if they meet your needs, goals, and aspirations. They will most likely invite you for an interview or further discussion. 

To ace the interview, you should be aware of your niche(s) of interest, your plans, and strategies on how to offer value to your sponsoring broker. Be sure to leverage your strengths.

#6. Complete a Post-Licensing Course

The last step is to complete a 25-hour Salesperson Post-Licensing Course that is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. 

Everyone has 1-year to complete their post-licensing course. But, if they don’t finish in 1-year, their license will lapse and be inactive.

Georgia’s Real Estate License Reciprocity

Georgia has real estate license reciprocity agreements with all states. However, you must have an active license from your home state in good standing for you to become eligible for a Georgia real estate license. 

If you meet these criteria, you can fill out and submit a real estate reciprocal application.

This excludes Florida residents who have to take and pass the Georgia Supplemental Exam before they can practice in Georgia.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Georgia Real Estate License?

The time it takes to get your license mostly depends on you. The earlier you complete your coursework, undergo the background check, and pass your licensing exam, the faster it takes. 

It typically takes about 2-6 weeks to complete the coursework. Within 1-3 weeks, you should schedule and pass the exam. This puts the whole process from start to finish at a timeframe of about 3 to 9 weeks.

How Much Does a Georgia Real Estate License Cost?

Becoming a real estate agent in Georgia will cost roughly $540 to $690 for the license alone. Here is how those costs break down:

  • About $200 to $350 for the coursework on average
  • The licensing fee costs $170.43
  • The exam fees cost $121.43
  • Getting a background check costs about $50.7

Furthermore, to keep your license active, you can expect to pay about $145 for continuing post-licensing education and $100 to $125 every four years in renewal fees.

Should You Become a Real Estate Agent in Georgia?

The Georgia real estate market is an exciting and thrilling place for real estate agents to start and even further their careers. With a personable personality, and good communication and networking skills, you are set to build a successful career.

Final Thoughts on Getting Your License in Georgia to Become a Real Estate Agent

And there you have it! These are the steps to follow to become a real estate agent in Georgia. Once you meet the requirements and you pass the exam, you are well on the way to becoming a top-tier real estate agent. 

Keep in mind that you have to complete 36 hours of continuing education courses once every 4 years to keep your real estate license active.

TL;DR: To become a real estate agent in Georgia and get your license, you have to enroll into a real estate school, schedule and pass the real estate exam, and complete a post-licensing education. Then, you'll get your license and all you have to do is sign with a brokerage.

Apr 25, 2022
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