How to Sell Yourself as a New Real Estate Agent

Jun 15, 2022
5 min

Being a new real estate agent is an exciting but sometimes daunting time in your career. 

With so many agents across the county, you might be doubting the value you can bring to clients over someone with decades of experience or millions in sales. 

But don't be intimidated! 

Every real estate agent started their career somewhere. 

As a new real estate agent, here's how to sell yourself:

  • Know why someone should pick you 
  • Understand your market area
  • Use your transferable skills
  • Mention your training, certificates, and designations
  • Tell your unique story
  • Remember you have a team
  • You're not stuck in the "old ways"

Know Why Someone Should Pick You

As the saying goes, if you don't believe in yourself, why would anybody else? 

This rings true in the real estate industry as well. New agents should be able to articulate why clients should work with them and the unique value they bring compared to someone with years of experience. 

Explore what that unique selling point is for you, and practice how you'll communicate that with potential clients. Have confidence that you are authentically yourself, and that's why clients will be drawn to you.

To find your unique selling proposition, figure out what advantages you have over your competition. What is unique that only you can bring to the table?

Understand Your Market Area

No matter their level of expertise, real estate agents are expected to be experts in the area and market their selling. 

While decades of experience might seem impressive, years of experience don't necessarily equate to market knowledge or skills. One way to stand out and impress your clients as a new real estate agent is to study the market closely. 

You should be able to talk confidently with your clients about market conditions. Some basic market details to know are: how fast homes are selling, where key school districts are, how certain features affect a home's value, and more. 

This showcases your expertise and knowledge as an agent.

Use Your "Transferrable" Skills

Very few real estate agents have started their careers in the industry. That means that most people come from outside industries, bringing transferable skills that can help them excel at real estate. 

Think about your previous jobs and how they can help you in real estate. You might be surprised how many skills you've learned in other jobs will also be relevant to real estate. 

Skills like listening, taking direction, managing expectations, and dealing with customers, are transferable.

Have you managed a team before? How do you work with clients? Share how these skills will transfer when you work with clients. 

Mention Your Training, Certificates, and Designations

While you might be a new agent, there was likely a lot of training and preparation to get you here. So, lean in and share the compelling designations and courses you've taken that will benefit your clients as you work with them. 

Certificates that speak to your work in a specialized area, like veterans or first-time homebuyers, are impressive to clients. The best agents never stop learning and seek ways to freshen up their knowledge. 

Tell Your Unique Story

In sales, being unique and genuine can be crucial to success. Clients can usually see when a salesperson sells themselves or is disingenuous with their personality or background. 

Instead of falling into this trap, hone in on the unique story that makes you different. Craft an elevator pitch that quickly tells who you are, what you do, and how you can help people. 

Create multiple versions of this depending on the situation and time you have to pitch yourself. Telling your unique story can be more challenging than you think, so make sure you practice! 

Work with your sales leader or mentors to narrow down the key and compelling pieces of your background that makes you different. Persuasive storytelling can be a powerful sales piece as a new agent!

Remember You Have a Team

Always remember that you are not alone! Behind you is a team of resources and mentors that will also help guide you and your clients through real estate deals. 

This is why choosing a brokerage that aligns with your business and goals will be extremely helpful as you navigate the world of real estate. 

In addition, you want to pick a brokerage that you're proud to work with since your clients will not just be working with you - they'll be working with the whole brokerage.

Outside of your brokerage, this team includes your network of vendors like photographers, home stagers, and mortgage professionals. 

Highlight these connections as you work with clients. This ultimately provides them more value, and they'll see you as a well-connected resource through their real estate journey. 

You're Not Stuck in the "Old Ways"

The real estate industry is always changing, and real estate agents should be prepared to keep up with the trends. 

A benefit of being new to real estate is that you're not stuck in the "old ways" of traditional real estate — you can adopt new technology in your workflow. 

Frequently, agents that have been in the industry for a long time can be set in their ways, unwilling to try new marketing techniques or technology. 

Being a new agent provides a creative, clean slate to try new business strategies like a digital marketing campaign or new promotional ideas. 

Track what works for you, and learn how technology can help you streamline your business. Agents that utilize technology in their business are often more efficient and sell more, helping them grow their business faster. 

Final Thoughts Selling Yourself as a New Real Estate Agent

With the right mindset and a little practice, you'll be able to compete with the industry's most seasoned real estate agents. 

Focus on what makes you unique and the value you'll bring to your clients. Ultimately, it's not about the experience you bring — it's about helping clients through this significant and exciting life change.

TL;DR: The best way to sell yourself as a new real estate agent is to find out what sets you apart from everyone else. What is inherently unique that you offer to your clients?

Jun 15, 2022
How To
5 min